GOTJ’s Bizarro World Welcomes Kiowa Pow-Wow Singer Jack Anquoe

The Gathering of the Juggalos’ Bizarro World has added a traditional Kiowa Tribe Pow-Wow singer and drummer Jack Anquoe Jr. to the drum circle portion of the area.

Jack will be joined by drummers, fire dancers, Reverend Tommy Gun and the Freakshow Deluxe, the Dark Carnival Tarot, the Monster Dolls dancers, and much more.

Jack is the father of Juggalo homie and Gathering veteran P. Thang, who will also be joining him as they share their traditional medicine music with the Juggalo Tribe!

Peep the details at, and catch us in Bizarro World!


Where my Hatchet Warriors at?! As we countdown to the magic of Shangri-La on Earth, we have an extra special surprise for the family, coming straight out of that magical realm we call Bizarro World–a place of mystery, carnival delights, mysterious dancers, poets, singers, fire breathers, and divination. Known by some as the unspoken spiritual heart of the Gathering, the rhythm of Bizarro World is set by the beat of its Juggalo Drum Circle, where all are welcome to join in and catch the spirit.

This year’s Bizarro World drum circle is VERY proud to announce the addition of world renowned Kiowa Tribe singer and drummer Jack Anquoe Jr., with Gathering veteran Crazy P. Thang, offering the Juggalo Family authentic Kiowa tribal medicine music and magic in the great Oklahoma Pow-Wow tradition.

Jack Anquoe Jr and his son P Thang are members of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. Jack is a well-known singer of traditional Plains Indian music. His drumming group, The Grayhorse Singers, are well known throughout the Pow-Wow circuit. He is also an Oklahoma Fancy Dancer, past champion, and innovator of the Oklahoma fancy dance. He is an artist and creator of authentic Kiowa dancing regalia and art displayed in museums and private collections in the US and throughout the world.

We here are Ninjas in Action are incredibly grateful and proud to welcome Jack as he joins the Juggalo Family, bringing with him a great tradition of pow wow drumming.

The best part is–all are welcome! So please stop by Bizarro World to join in and enjoy the medicine music that Jack and P Thang are generously sharing with the Juggalo tribe!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, after main stage until 4am!

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