HooNoz – “Lost Verses 5: Level Of Maturity”

Harvey Finch Enterprise (HFE) recording artist, HooNoz (who knows), has hit up FaygoLuvers to drop his track list, cover art and release date for his upcoming project “Lost Verses 5: Level of Maturity.” This will be his 11th solo project and 5th installment in his popular Lost Verses Mixtape series. “A picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind upon first veiw of the cover. The project will be released for FREE digital distribution via www.hfemovement.com, Spinrilla.com, Offtheave.com and many more. We caught up with HooNoz during his last recording session to get a little more info on the content, release date, and reason behind the chosen title;

“Level of Maturity is set to drop on September 7th, and I am moving full force to make it happen. I’ve got so many videos in the works off this. And that has a lot to do with EVERYTHING about this project from the title to the songs content. It’s all about Boss moves. But not the way “boss” has become trending. But real boss moves. Setting a goal. making a plan and then reaching it. And then continuing to reinvest to make your vision grow. Until you work so hard, you become your own boss. But it’s what you wanted to do and you did it. made your own lane. And that’s boss moves. I started with 15 CDs and kept pushing and reinvesting until whatever i want to do with my music I can,..I don’t cross lanes or step on toes…I do me. And I love to see other people do them and succeed. It’s so motivational. And that’s the energy I focused into this project. All I want it to do is motivate someone else to chase a dream and make it a reality. To me, from thought to action, that is that Level of Maturity. So I just felt the title was fitting.”

In the mean time between time we are told there will be plenty of music and videos released in promotion. Looking forward to hear what this hungry independent artist will bring on the new project.

  1. Level of Maturity (Intro)
  2. Gettin’ Mine ft. Lil Matt
  3. Not Like us ft. Juilianni Kennedy
  4. The One
  5. Project Mayhem ft. Harvey Finch
  6. KANG
  7. Whats on My Mind ft. Ion Van Shawn
  8. Level Up (Interlude)
  9. The Struggle ft Mizz Ya-yo
  10. We Are Not The Same (W.A.N.T.S.) ft C Mo x Sylince Da General
  11. Bar Therapy
  12. I’m Dope ft MikeyHazeHunnids
  13. SXMW ft Skoobie x Big Hice
  14. Reality Check (Outro)

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