High Five: 5 Low-Key Ways to Get Lit

Rapid-Release Edibles


Edibles are growing in popularity, but typically less popular compared to smoking as a delivery method because of the long onset of effects and unpredictability. Today many companies employ nanoemulsion technology in the development of their products to speed up the effects. Cannabinoids are broken into tiny particles around 100 nanometers in size, making them more easily absorbed by the body, as they can pass through the blood-brain barrier faster. Dosing is much easier in the regulated adult-use era, and you can calculate and predict your high within 5 mg dose increments of THC. There’s no smell and they kick in fast.

Vape Pens


You won’t always have a suitable place to grind up herb and pack a bowl or a bong, so travel sometimes calls for the use of vape pens. On the smell scale, most vape pens produce quite a bit less odor than smoking joints, pipes, or blunts. The weak vapor odors tend to dissipate quickly, in say, a hotel room, especially when the concentrate is encased in a cart. Dry flower vaporizer smells are even harder to detect after a few moments. The exceptions to this include sticky live resin, rosin, and various solventless pens and devices that are loud, pungent, and can also blow your cover, but you won’t have the smoky smell from combustion.

Toke On-The-Go


This is pretty much the only feasible way to smoke dry flower if you’re say, backpacking through Europe or hiking in the mountains. Dugouts, batters, the Original Sneak A Toke, knockoffs, and other travel devices are great when you have to stick a pipe in your pocket. A dugout is a compact storage device designed to hold a small amount of pot and a one-hitter pipe. They have a compartment to store a small, bowl-sized amount of weed. A batter is a small metal one-hitter pipe that is often included with a dugout. Dozens of similar products can be found today.



This delivery method is not quite as rock ‘n’ roll as smoking a doobie, but is the most low-key way to get high when you’re out and about. Nowadays you can buy tablets with THC, CBD, and so on in microdoses or full doses. Capsules provide effects that last hours longer than smoking or vaping. THC concentrate is often mixed with a vegetable oil, because THC is not water soluble. Different THC potencies usually range from 2 mg microdoses to 100 mg capsules. And yes, CBD capsules are clearly over-marketed but are also helpful for people with specific needs. Try Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) capsules instead of a cheap distillate capsule for full-spectrum effects and likely more health benefits.


Smoking Hygiene

Or you could just smoke and lay low. If you live in a legal state and have a place to sesh, you still don’t want to be judged for smoking. Simple hygiene can rid yourself of the telltale odors and red eyes that can blow your cover. Fix those red eyes with some Visine or Clear Eyes. Smoking weed decreases blood pressure in places including your eyes, dilating the blood vessels and making them appear slightly red. Reduce the smell, too. The skunky pot odor might linger on your skin, so wash thoroughly, and add distilled vinegar or baking soda to your detergent to get rid of terpene scents that can linger on your clothes as well.

This article was originally published in the March 2024 issue of High Times Magazine.

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