Jelly Roll Sued By 1980s Jelly Roll Wedding Band For Copyright Infringement!

Here’s some odd news. As first reported  by Court Watch. The Nashville, Tennessee multi-genre super star is currently being sued by a member of an  Pennsylvania 1980s wedding band called Jelly Roll. Why? Apparently, for trademark copyright infringement in regards to the use of the name Jelly Roll.  Billboard Magazine wrote an extensive article about the lawsuit too. Only time will tell what the official  ruling will be. For now.  Here is an official article snippet  from Court Watch involving the current lawsuit with  both Jelly Roll’s.  

From Court Watch:

“Save Me: The country singer and rapper, Jelly Roll, was sued for trademark infringement over the use of the word Jelly Roll by a Pennsylvania man who is a member of a wedding band also named Jelly Roll. Don’t worry, we got you covered if you were ever curious what a music trademark registration form looks like for Jelly Roll. And yes, of course, we went deep in the paint on this one. The Jelly Roll wedding band promo kindof slaps. But arguably so does the acoustic version of Sunday Morning. So we’re torn on this. Lawyers for both Jelly Roll(s) did not respond to a request for comment. ”

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