Artist Spotlight: Ronnie McMurder of Dead Kamp

What’s good everyone? Caligreen here with another fresh underground spotlight for you ninjas! This time around we got the homie Ronnie McMurder from the group Dead Kamp. Ronnie has a lot of freshness going on his way so let’s just jump right into it.

FLH: Tell us a little about yourself

Ronnie McMurder: I’m Ronnie McMurder, an Underground Emcee from Pittsburgh and one of the founding members of Dead Kamp and Rotting Flesh Records. My content ranges from Occult knowledge to serial killers and horror movies to the horrors of everyday life and just harsh realities i have been! I have always been fascinated with music (mostly all genre’s) and also horror Movies.

FLH: What’s the underground scene like in Pittsburgh?

Ronnie: A lot of dope artist are in Pittsburgh. The underground scene is pretty heavy. In the early 2000’s to 2010’s with wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller and everybody blowing up… even mainstream style artists were still considered “underground here. Cassius412 is a prime example of one of the dopest underground emcees in the world to me. Charon don and Realz the Rebel aswell. They can make any genre or style and each time it’s fire as fuck.

FLH: When did you start making music and who influenced you?

Ronnie: I started with freestyling and battling in the inner city of Pittsburgh. I started recording song whenever I was in high school back in 2008 with my o.g. homie Nick Rage (still my bro to this day)
I was influenced by a wide selection of artists anywhere from necro / Twiztid to Korn / Marilyn Manson. Cypress Hill, Bone thugs, Icp, Esham, ILL Bill, all the way to Deftones and NIN and Metallica. I was really heavily influenced by a local group in the Pittsburgh underground called Hell Froze Over. 3 members of HFO would later join forces with me and Realz to start up Dead Kamp. Also heavily influenced by Bad Mind, Bedlam and mobb deep

FLH: How did you first discover horrorcore/wicked shit music?

Ronnie: ICP RiddleBox was my introduction to horrorcore/wicked shit music, and it was the song ol’ evil eye. My cousin Joey played me that in the year 99 and i was hooked since. Then twiztid, who always put out fire albums kept me tuned in, then through psychopathic I discovered esham and natas, and I consider Closed Casket the best album of all time btw. Shout out to Esham! I’m a huge fan of Bad Mind’s albums and Bedlam as well as LoKey too, even the temple rain days I was around for that and been tuned in.
Of course, even mainstream artists have some dark albums in their beginnings like bone with faces of death, and 3 6 mafia has countless wicked shit albums. I have always been a fan of Brotha Lynch as well and necro.

FLH: Tell us a little about Dead Kamp.

Ronnie: Dead Kamp was always a group I wanted to form since 2013. But the way the group came together in 2020 was hella organic.
5 members
Ronnie McMurder (myself)
DeadMan Krow
Krazy Killa Wrath
Realz the Rebel
Each member has their own stories and trials and tribulations but we all grew up knowing each other in the inner city of Pittsburgh, myself being the youngest member of the group. We focus on so many different aspects of life for the concepts in our songs although some songs might be tongue and cheek the next one might make you cry or relate to it, never know what to expect but expect us to cime with lyrics, flow, and outside the box type of skills. We are all collectively huge horror and rap fans and try to bring both cultures together lyrically over beats. We used to make our own beats and I even produced a handful of tracks for myzery. But now a days we fully trust Bank Hard Beats with our production and the quality is through the roof now! He is basically the 6th member of Dead Kamp and I consider him a brother!

FLH: How did you come to produce for Myzery?

Ronnie: I seen an interview myzery did on faygoluversbwhen he was announcing making a comeback with “DEMON ANGEL”
I was working beats alot at that time… had to be like 2012 maybe a lil after… 2013 maybe…
I contacted him through Ponch (hella good dude) and I sent 5 beats and he liked them all and used 2 on Demon Angel. I was Honored to be apart of that project even though it was a small part because I was always a huge fan of Myzery and I still am. Myz is one of the dooest emcees imo.

FLH: How did Rotting Flesh Records start and who is currently signed to the label?

Ronnie: Rotting Flesh Records was started as a collective of Dead Kamp itself. First brought up to me by DeadMan Krow. We built and continue to build our own label.
Krow said
“because we are zombie gangsters rappers from Pittsburgh that can make you want to do a drive bye but also make someone cry with songs nobody would know how to market us”
and soon as he said that I wanted to get working on our own Label right away. We have been storing beats and tracks away for years in order to stock pile a product and start a label. Artists on Rotting Flesh Records right now are
●Dead Kamp
●Ronnie McMurder
●DeadMan Krow
●Krazy Killa Wrath
●Swivel Dirty
Swivel himself hustles like an entire label does, so him joining forces with us was huge for both parties involved. He isn’t just signed to the label. He is one of the co owners because that’s how much love and respect we got for Swivel and his work ethic and talent. Rotting Flesh for eternity!!! The Horde is Growing. Noted that Bank Hard Beats is our in-house producer for all artists on the label and also masters our final product since the single druids.
Anything prior we did ourselves.

FLH: You guys are doing a giveaway soon. Tell us a little about that.

Ronnie: So dope! The song “Black Out” ft. Doc Gruesome drops 10/13/23 on all platforms. That came together perfect aswell, I hit up the homie Doc Gruesome from Cerberus Clique, and from that, we didn’t want to just drop a regular single or anything because through bank hard us working together from separate camps is a big deal to me. So I bought a mask off of him and decided to drop the song and do a contest to win an o.g. mask of his. It’s a dope way to give back to our fans and the hellhounds at the same time because they are always supportive whenever we drop stuff over here. It’s my way of saying thanks for the love, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Plus, it makes people interact, which is always cool to bring people together based on the music itself. Much luv to s’laughter vision and cerberus clique aswell they are the homies.
To enter the contest on 10/13/23 just
●like and share the song from any digital platform
● screenshot that you shared it
●post screen shot in comment section of the flyer we are dropping for the mask give away.
Anyone can enter. Also noted on 10/13/23 black out is part of a double feature
Dropping alongside of
Swivel dirty’s track called devils night! Featuring myself. A dope way to celebrate Friday the 13th.

FLH: What other releases can we look forward to coming out of your camp?

Ronnie: Dead Kamp The Black Book Vol.666. ITS INSANE HOW THIS ALBUM ALMOST RUINED OUR LIVES BUT SAVED IT AT THE SAME TIME! We have been planning this album since the beginning and even before that HFO would mention the black book. It’s very dark and no light is involved at all within this album. We usually do skits and try to make people laugh here and there… NOT WITHIN THIS ONE. This is our first professional album. The previous 2 are considered demos.
The entire album is produced, mixed, and, mastered by Bank Hard Beats.
It’s 16 tracks total plus the intro!
We have some dope features on it from
●Monoxide from Twiztid
●Razakel of s.h.e.
●Swivel Dirty
The album concept is basically a big middle finger to face of organized religion and the behind the scenes corruption of those religions.
So it’s us calling them out in a way that only makes sense for Dead Kamp to do and that’s go at them raw as fuck. We ain’t fucking around in this at all. I just hope that people relate the dark themes and anger within this record and let it be an outlet for them so they don’t feel like they are the only ones lost within the abyss. Black Book Vol.666 will stain your soul listening to it. It’s stated in the intro and it’s very true.

FLH: Shout outs?

Ronnie: Shout out to Bank Hard Beats first and foremost for believing in what we are doing, because he helped me go from somebody who did this for fun to somebody who does this professionally now. Shout out to everybody on our team within Rotting Flesh Records. Shout out to all our families that stuck with us through this dark ass album we made (wasn’t easy).
Shout out everybody that ever showed us love and did tracks with us from Monoxide all the way Doc Gruesome, and the super talented Milyssa Rose. Shout out to the Horde and all of our Dead Folks worldwide!

Looking to get some fresh merch from Ronnie McMurder and Dead Kamp? Make sure you hit up for all the exclusive freshness! Much love everyone.

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