These 5 Gram Disposables are Taking Weed by Storm

Binoid never fails to impress the hemp community with new, larger than life products aimed at delivering the ultimate level of satisfaction to anyone craving psychoactive cannabinoids. Case in point: their brand new Exclusive Series 5 Gram Disposables, offering a whopping 5 grams of vape oil consisting solely of our favorite hemp compounds.  

And, as expected, this formula is packed with some of the most beloved cannabinoids out there, since so many of Binoid’s customers are unafraid of powerful highs that go above and beyond to hit the spot. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenal new product to share everything there is to know about it.

The Exclusive Series 5 Gram Disposable: Take Your Vapes to the Next Level

Binoid’s brand new Exclusive Series 5 Gram Disposable offers up a dazzling combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, in the brand’s biggest disposable yet. With 5 grams, there’s loads of value as you’ll be able to enjoy a single vape that lasts for ages, thanks to a rechargeable battery that keeps those clouds nice and potent from beginning to end. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this disposable such an exceptional option for vapers.


Binoid’s 5 Gram Disposable from its Exclusive Series is an absolutely dazzling disposable vape that contains 3 sought-after cannabinoids in one. THCA is the raw precursor to delta 9 THC, and once it’s heated through the vaping process, it’s converted into delta 9, to offer the high you know and love in a federally compliant way.  

THCM is a potentiator cannabinoid, found naturally in cannabis, capable of boosting the effectiveness of other cannabinoids for maximum impact.  Then, last but certainly not least, we have HHC-P, one of the most powerful psychoactive cannabinoids that exists, being similar in potency and effects to THC-P (which is 30 times as intoxicating as delta 9, by the way).

Live Resin

This formula takes 3 cannabinoid distillates and combines them with live terpenes – in other words, a terpene extract made up of live resin.  Live resin is made from fresh, flash-frozen hemp flower, rather than dry-cured, for a far higher terpene count.  The result?  Richer, bolder flavor, and stronger strain effects, to give you a powerful serving of these compounds with each puff of delicious vapor.

Not all hemp vapes are made with live resin, and those who make the switch from “dry-cured” to live resin instantly notice a difference.  This also adds to the high, because the use of live resin essentially potentiates the cannabinoids in the formula through synergy. The result is that each puff of vapor gives you more overall effectiveness, allowing a little to really go a long way.

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3 Awesome Strains

The 5 Gram Disposable comes in 3 fantastic strain options, handpicked with care based on what Binoid believed would best complement this unique cannabinoid trio. All 3 strains below are considered rare, top-shelf strains, that are otherwise hard to find on today’s cannabis market.  You can take your pick from the three strains below:

  • Hot Lava: A rare hybrid known for its bold citrus notes, Hot Lava belongs to the OG family, and promises a euphoric high with buzzing cerebral effects and a nice, somewhat sedating head-to-toe body high.
  • Vice City: A 50/50 hybrid that quickly brings you into a euphoric state, offering plenty of mental stimulation to get those creative juices flowing, along with a feeling of absolute ease as stress melts away.  Flavor-wise, it offers juicy notes of plump cherries and sweet blueberries.
  • Space Mountains: Space Mountains is a hybrid strain that’s super rare, with notes of pineapple and surprisingly cheesy undertones.  It’s sativa dominant, and known for offering enhanced focus and perception, while allowing for a dreamy euphoric buzz and tingly sensation throughout the muscles.  

Top-Notch Quality as Expected

Of course, as is always to be expected from Binoid, you can count on maximum freshness, quality, and effectiveness. This is a brand that prides themselves on their exceptionally high distillate purity levels, and their live resin which has some of the highest terpene counts around. The lab reports show that the product is pure and potent as advertised, while the brand is totally transparent about how they make each formula. Naturally, you won’t find any additives in this vape oil.

Stunning Design

We have to hand it to Binoid’s design department, as aesthetically, this is the type of disposable that seems special. It’s visually stunning, and we love the juice window feature that shows you just how much vape oil you have left.  Minimalistic, sleek, and sophisticated, you’ll love carrying it around and showing it off because of looks alone.

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Reliable Tech

The 5 Gram Disposable uses the brand’s excellent technology to ensure nothing but the most satisfaction possible. A rechargeable battery lets you continue getting those big, deep hits of vapor on demand, and the coil inside of the cartridge keeps the flavor fresh, clean, and satisfying from the first drop all the way to the last. Overall, you can count on a disposable vape that won’t conk out at you, clog easily, or start delivering disappointing vapor output after the first several days of using it.

Try Binoid’s 5 Gram Disposable Today!

Binoid’s 5 Gram Disposable from their Exclusive Series is a very special vaping product for anyone ready to try three new and absolutely top-notch cannabinoids, along with glorious, fresh terpene flavor.  Each strain brings something really special to the experience, showing off the brand’s deep understanding of cannabis, while being a fully reliable device that can last you a very long time. 

If you’re ready to give this disposable a try, you can, as it’s already available on their website. The Exclusive Series 5 Gram Disposable is a huge top-seller already, but remember – because it’s exclusive, grab it while you can. And, don’t forget to check out their other cannabinoid products, as they really do have an enormous selection of must-have hemp goods.

Courtesy Binoid

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