Haizi Haze: Hip Hop’s New Queen of Cannabis 

Haizi Haze is redefining what it means to be a stoner in the digital age. Originally from Boston, the 25 year old recording artist now lives in Los Angeles, and has found success working between the worlds of music, cannabis, & tech. You may recognize Haizi from her work with Weedmaps, Vice, and Raw Papers. With her loyal following on social media, Haizi Haze continues to position herself as a premiere tastemaker in the cannabis industry. 

Her latest song, “Indica Sativa,” hit all major streaming platforms on 4/20 at 4:20am, and serves listeners with a refreshing blend of vintage vibes & cannabis-infused bars. Since its release, the song has gained over 100K streams on Spotify, while the music video has gained over 200K views on Haizi’s YouTube channel. “Indica Sativa” has added a new flavor to 420 playlists around the world, and can be played seamlessly in rotation with vintage Snoop, Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y records.

“I want to represent for the female stoners, who stay pretty & productive.” says Haizi. “Indica Sativa is a song made by a stoner for other stoners. It’s a much needed Re-Up for the listeners who enjoy these classic vibes like I do.” 

The cover art for “Indica Sativa” was designed by Ron “RiskieForever” Brent, the same artist who designed 2PAC’s iconic “Makaveli” album art in 1996. Riskie & Haizi met through Instagram & the two soon began collaborating on cover concepts over Facetime. When asked how cannabis influenced the art for Makaveli, Riskie says “Working with 2Pac was a dream come true. While working on the Makaveli artwork, I would blaze & paint, paint & blaze, and bump 2Pac’s music. He gave input; I’d paint the ideas.” When asked about his experience with Haizi, Riskie says “she’s a dope artist and very kind; it was easy to work with her. The track had a real laid-back West Coast vibe; so that was gonna be my concept behind the art—64’z, Chronic leaves, and Haizi blazing that good good!” The final cover design features a painting of Haizi Haze in many shades of green, and Haizi has the painting (original 1 of 1 signed by Riskie) proudly displayed in her studio. Haizi’s collab with Riskie pays tribute to timeless art in hip-hop & bridges generations of hip hop fans. 

Shot & Edited by Lenny Coote, the music video for “Indica Sativa” takes viewers on a weed filled journey with Haizi Haze. From Herbarium to a huge 420 party, it is evident Haizi has a high tolerance and can smoke with the big dogs. In the first shot of the video, smoke billows out of the windows of an old car while Haizi (barely visible through the smoke) sparks up another joint in the driver’s seat. The visual play between vintage & modern imagery is constant with Vinyl Records, Magazines, Books, & Payphones causing viewers to reflect on the past & think about the future.In a world of constantly evolving stoner technology, there are a few innovative products & devices seen in the video that are worth noting. The futuristic glass piece Haizi is seen holding is the Cenote by Auxo. This new Smart Rig retails at $400, and is described as the ultimate concentrate vaporizer. “I love dabs, but I don’t love the process of torching a bowl until it’s red hot,” says Haizi. “I think the Cenote is a much safer alternative if you want to avoid accidentally burning yourself. I use the app on my phone to heat up the rig to the perfect temperature, and it honestly tastes so clean.”

After dozens of dab rips, Haizi is seen using the Smoke Thrower by Fuma Enterprises to smoke out an entire crowd at a 420 party. The Smoke Thrower retails at $600, and uses an air pump trigger to shoot massive amounts of smoke through a network of PVC pipes. “That party was wild, so many people were lining up to get blasted, and we just kept repacking the bowl all night.” Describing it as a “Canna Gun,” Wiz Khalifa went viral using the Smoke Thrower to wake up his cousin, and its popularity has been rapidly growing ever since.

When we discuss icons in the stoner community, the discussion almost always includes Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Cheech & Chong, Willie Nelson, Seth Rogan to name a few. However you look at it, there is a notable lack of women on this list. As a black woman working in both the cannabis and entertainment industries, Haizi recognized this void & identified a serious cultural need for an iconic female stoner. She has captivated audiences around the world with her voice, her natural beauty, and her genuine love for weed. 

Originally from the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Haizi has been a cannabis enthusiast long before moving to California. She still spends time in Boston to visit family, but now she has opportunities to work with new cannabis brands based in Massachusetts. “I’m bi-coastal, constantly in and out of Boston. It’s crazy to see how far the recreational industry in MA has come, I’m seeing so many new shops & cannabis billboards popping up everywhere,” says Haizi. “Personally, I think the pricing is still a little high in the city, all of the shops with affordable prices are 30-40 minutes outside of Boston. Overall though, I think MA is doing a good job, and legal cannabis is easily accessible for Bostonians who need it.” 

Within one week of moving to Los Angeles, Haizi got hired to work as a budtender at a medical cannabis dispensary. Over the next few years, Haizi became a very familiar face in the cannabis community, and worked with several shops & brands based in Los Angeles. While managing a shop on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood, Haizi released her debut music project “FREE DABS.” This cannabis inspired EP enabled Haizi to cross promote her music in dispensaries, and she was able to make many meaningful relationships with customers who still work in important roles in the cannabis & music industries. 

As a professional stoner, Haizi has accumulated some priceless memories. She has rolled & smoked RAW Challenge Cones with Josh Kessleman the founder of Raw; she witnessed Tommy Chong hit a 6 foot bong at a Super Bowl Party in Bel Air; she’s laughed with Seth Rogen on Zoom Calls; she’s thrown weed parties with NBA Celtics Champion Paul Pierce; she’s smoked custom AK-47 joints in Compton with Lil Eazy E; and she’s smoked blunts in Brooklyn with Lil Cease, Nino & T’yanna (daughter of the late great Notorious BIG). Most importantly, she remembers being a young girl in Boston with a dream of moving to Hollywood. Now based in West Hollywood, Haizi has stayed humble & true to her core values. She has tactically built her own brand, and carved out a unique lane that allows her to independently leverage original music & content, to secure partnerships with major brands. 

For more information about Haizi Haze and her upcoming projects, please sign up for updates on www.haizihaze.com and follow her on Instagram @HaiziHaze 

“Indica Sativa” is now available on all major music platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

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