Violent J announces the return of Ballas on a Boat in New York City for 2023!

Just a couple of days ago, a new episode of the 69 Minute Eargasm podcast dropped that featured an hour-long interview with Violent J!

This is a wrestling-based podcast, and after having a chance to listen to it, we got some diamonds dropped on us!

Host Joel Gertner asked J what ICP had on the horizon, and after speaking about events we already know about (the Gathering, Hallowicked, etc), he said that the Big Ballas event would happen this year with the return of Ballas on a Boat in Manhattan!  I pulled a 2-minute clip from the episode which you can hear below:

There was no mention of dates or tickets, but you can bet that we’ll keep you posted about it!  Violent J also talked about an upcoming stint with Billy Corgan‘s wrestling organization: NWA!  If you want to check out the whole episode, you can listen to it via Spotify below:

So if this all comes to be, who’s coming to New York City for Ballas?!

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