Top 10 Sites To Buy Legal Psychedelics, Mushrooms

Legal psychedelics, sometimes derived from mushrooms, are plentiful and available if you know where to look. Unlike other varieties of psychedelic fungi, amanitas—including Amanita muscaria, Amanita regalis, and Amanita pantherina—are legal in nearly every market, and other fungi varieties provide other effects. You don’t have to be stuck on psilocybin to change your perception as reform laws slowly unfold, as other psychedelic varieties are legal right now.

Research continues to suggest that amanita’s active ingredients muscimol and the hypnotic ibotenic acid are believed to provide benefits including helping to ease stress and anxiety, and it’s been used medicinally for hundreds of years. 

Similarly, varieties of mushrooms are being used as adaptogens, supplementally. People are paying top dollar for rare fruits of Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris for their believed benefits and use in Ancient China. (Cordyceps sinensis, costs over $20,000 per kilo.) Reishi mushrooms, aka Ganoderma lucidum, are also being explored for their effects on the immune system.

Here is High Times’ list of sites that sell psychedelic mushroom products that are legal and help you rewire your mind.

Courtesy Lucy

Mindful by Lucy

Master your mind with the help of mushrooms. sells products including Mindful, a functional amanita mushroom-based product line. Mindful by Lucy capsules designed to enhance well-being and promote a mindful approach through the power of microdoses. Mindful by Lucy comes in jars of 60 capsules containing a microdose of Amanita muscaria-based compounds. It also contains fungi like Cordyceps to elevate energy, Reishi to adapt to stress, Lion’s Mane to ignite cognitive function, and other active ingredients. (It also contains the cognitive-boosting herbs Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea, and Ginkgo Biloba.)

Courtesy Soma Supplies

Soma Supplies

Washington state mushroom supplier Soma Supplies sells Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantheroid varieties of mushrooms, both rich in muscimol and other active ingredients. Wholesale options are available. “Soma” is the mystery psychoactive drink mentioned in Vedic texts, and amanitas are one of the many substances possibly linked to it. At Soma, quantitative analyses of ibotenic acid and muscimol of samples are available, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Courtesy Wild Forest Herbs

Wild Forest Herbs

Here you can buy hand-harvested Amanita muscaria in big red complete caps from Colorado-based Wild Forest Herbs. Workers find shrooms in the Colorado mountains and bring them to you. Dried mushroom caps are carefully dried in a stainless steel dehydrator with a continuous airflow and temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit to best preserve the mushroom and color, then stored in a dark location. This pulls out the toxins you don’t want. They also make an Amanita muscaria-infused topical balm and amanita stickers to represent.

Courtesy Eighty Six Brand

Fun Guy by Eighty Six Brand 

Hemp company Eighty Six Brand’s Fun Guy psychedelic wellness products are at “the forefront of the microdosing and holistic health movement,” the brand says. Fun Guy sells Amanita muscaria caps with 350 mg of pure amanita extract. They also have infused gummies in flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, and Blue Razz. You can also find hemp-derived products and other fun compounds.

Courtesy Fly Amanita

Fly Amanita

Fly Amanita provides six varieties of fungi including Amanita muscaria, Amanita regalis, and Amanita pantherina mushrooms. Fresh amanitas caps are dried at a low 104 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, and thoroughly dried caps have 10-15% of moisture in them for maximum effects. Then fly agaric mushrooms are packed into vacuum-sealed packages. You can buy up to two ounces, or larger quantities for wholesale. Fly Amanita also provides free worldwide shipping.

Courtesy Bloomable

Bloomable Natural Products

Try microdosing amanita mushrooms with capsules. Bloomable’s Amanita muscaria mushroom capsules contain 400 mg of muscimol that is carefully sourced from organic, ecological Amanita muscaria caps in Latvia. Each jar contains 60 vegan Amanita muscaria capsules. Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Cordyceps mushroom capsules are also available to be used as supplements.

Courtesy Minnesota Nice Botanicals

Minnesota Nice Botanicals

Find the best mushrooms in the Midwest. Sprung out of an interest in the CBD business, MN Nice Botanicals sells Amanita muscaria capsules, gummies, infused chocolate, and many more products. You can buy a variety of other mushrooms and herbs that are believed to have psychoactive effects and/or medical benefits including Blue Lotus, B. Caapi, Amanita pantherina, and kava.

Courtesy Awakening Roots

Awakening Roots

Awakening Roots promises quality amanitas and products. Infused soaps, liquid extracts, and wild harvested forms of fungi are available. Amanita liquid extracts are fully decarbed for better potency and kick in fast. Awakening Roots aims to be a SAFE (Seek And Find Experience) space where we can connect and align with a whole body focus.

Courtesy Galaxy Treats

Galaxy Treats

Gummy up with these fruity shroom gummies. These Moon Shrooms Amanita Mushroom Gummies are packed with 350 mg of Amanita muscaria extract. They come in watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, and mango flavors. The gummies are specially formulated to deliver a “chilled-out, psychedelic experience” that’s unlike anything on the market, the company promises. Galaxy Treats also provides products infused with hemp-derived ingredients.

Courtesy Happy Amanita

Happy Amanita

If you’re on European shores, Happy Amanita provides several varieties of amanitas and amanita products. They provide a spagyric tincture that is made using an ancient alchemical process that extracts the full-spectrum compounds from the mushroom, including ibotenic acid and muscimol. Some people say the tincture helps with detoxification and digestion, as well as restoring cognitive function and other benefits.

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