Madd Maxxx (Mission: Infect) Reveals Official Artwork For ‘Kaleidoscope’!

Madd Maxxx (Dirtcore Music) is currently in the middle of recording his awaited album ‘Kaleidoscope’. Last night, Madd Maxxx  revealed the official  album art for ‘Kaleidoscope’ created by Dre DiGenno. While letting fans know that Kaleidoscope will be coming out by the end of this summer. With an album sampler of ‘Kaleidoscope‘ coming out sometime next month. Stay tuned at until then!

From Madd Maxxx Across Social Media:

I can finally say with 100% certainty that Kaleidoscope will absolutely be coming out by the end of this summer, with an official tracklisting and sampler coming by next month. I appreciate those of you who have been patient, it really has been a long time in the making but I truly believe this project to be some of my best work. I hope you all will agree. I might slow to a crawl at times, and I might take me years to get to the finish line, but Goddamnit I’ll get there one way or another.

from Faygoluvers


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