Look Out For Dirtcore Music Volume 1 at the 3 Headed Monster Fort Worth, Texas Tour Date!

Dirtcore Music Volume 1 is a limited release Dirtcore Music  pressed  exclusively during the 3 Headed Monster (Violent J, Esham, Ouija Macc) tour via Fort Worth, Texas on Monday, June 12th at the Rail Club.  An opportunity to give underground music fans some of the best tracks the label has released in the past year. There is a possibility that Dirtcore Music Volume 1 might end up as digital bandcamp release sometime in the near future. But for now, this rare pressing is limited to the first fifty people who hit up Gavyn Gunn’s merch booth at the Forth Worth, Texas stop of the 3 Headed Monster tour.  Peep the official track listing and artwork for Dirtcore Music Volume 1 below!



from Faygoluvers


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