Hey abby: All-In-One Automated Grow Box

Why Home Grown?

When weed was recreationally legalized in America for the first time in 2016, it was incredibly expensive. However, many expected, as legalization became pervasive across states and businesses organically grew around this new high-demand product, that prices would decrease significantly. However, the cost of weed, while coming down, is still far more expensive than on the black market, due to high taxes and complex regulations. The disparity of cost varies across states as well. Growing weed is now legal in 22 states covering almost half of the U.S. population, and many people are eager to grow at home provided it is easy, safe, and discreet.

Then one year ago a start-up from California came along promising to do just that. Hey abby created the world’s #1 automated Grow Box, and stated that thanks to its innovation and intelligent technology, anyone can grow. And they mean absolutely anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a green thumb or someone who could kill a cactus. Whether you’re old or young, or live in an apartment or a mansion. Hey abby said they can ensure anyone can grow weed at home. 

So, the question is: did they succeed?

Well, instead of telling you it is easier to show. 

hey abby
Mathew’s first yield

This is just one of many pictures of Hey abby’s real users on their Discord server, which currently has over 2000 members. Many of these users are seeing amazingly high 6oz yields – for their very first grow! 

hey abby
High yields every time

Mathew (alias), is one of Hey abby’s original growers. She has been there since the very beginning. Like many people, she had been using marijuana  medically for many years, to help with her underlying health conditions. She knew that with the price of legal weed remaining relatively high that she would have to start thinking about growing at home. That’s when a friend recommended Hey abby. So she decided to check out their Discord server to see what other users thought of the product.

She was surprised how many growers were on there, sharing advice and showcasing their amazing harvests. She had never grown anything before buying Hey abby. She was a total beginner and was naturally very nervous about purchasing the Grow Box. But after seeing other beginners getting amazing success on Discord, she decided to give it a try. With just her first grow, and with no experience at all, Mathew saw a very respectable 5 oz yield. Her yields after that only got higher and higher, and she became famous in the community for her beloved Golden Retriever’s interest in her plants. Some of her yields hold a market value of approximately $3,000 dollars, making Hey abby an instant worthy investment and a long term answer to her weed costs.

“No matter what happens, or what goes wrong, with Hey abby you can still grow. I am not a green thumb person at all, and I can do it so anyone can! The machine does everything for you, and even automates the lighting schedule to suit your plant’s needs. It also reminds you when to change the water or trim. This is great cause I’m super forgetful.” 

Mathew isn’t the only user seeing success through Hey abby’s innovative Grow Box. Just a quick look at their Discord server and you will see thousands of people showcasing their incredibly high yields. What is more surprising is how all of these people enjoy these high yields on their first grow. 

hey abby
Shelby’s first plant

Shelby (alias) from California is one of Hey abby’s original growers too. As a CEO of a warehouse firm and coming from a conservative background, he was always interested in growing but found grow tents too obvious and ugly to place inside his apartment. He also worried about having to hide the grow tent whenever he had guests around. Leafly readers will know that stigma still surrounds the industry unfortunately and Hey abby is clearly trying to reimagine the grower image, which Shelby is grateful for. What really drew him to Hey abby was its discreet design.

“My abby is a beautiful machine. It is super easy to set up too. Just plug and play and you’re all good. I like the digital display that lets me know my plant is doing okay. The viewing window means I can hide what I’m growing if I have certain guests around like my mom. Grow tents look awful in your kitchen, but most people think my Hey abby is a dehumidifier It looks so slick!” 

Woah! Crazy high yield!

Everything In One Box

Built with full-spectrum Samsung LED lighting

The grow box includes full-spectrum Samsung LED lighting and fan-assisted technology, which are powered by intelligent algorithms. These adapt to your plant’s growth cycle and switch automatically. The plant’s status is then highlighted via the digital dial at the front. The machine is voice controlled and even comes with a child lock system, making it ideal for home environments. 

If you are worried about soil and getting your hands dirty then worry no more because Hey abby uses hydroponic technology. All you have to do is change the water when prompted via the app. Feeding is also done by simply pouring nutrients into the tank, which is also prompted via the app. This makes growing at home completely mess-free and beginner-proof. 

Growing a Community 

Hey abby is not just a grow box, it is a growing community. Their Discord server has over 2,000 users sharing tips, ideas and progress photos. Their in-app Trend platform has over 500 users, where growers can earn points by offering help and support to other growers. These users are very active sharing over ten thousand photos in just a few months. These include their plants, their setups at home, and examples of customization they’ve made. Users are then quick to offer advice, suggestions and support.  Hey abby also hosts growing parties, competitions and online growing workshops. This ecosystem of growers makes growing weed fun as users learn together on this new mutual journey.

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