Punks for Autism ‘You Can’t Define Me’ Compilation Out Now! Proceeds Support Autism Awareness!

Punks for Autism (San Diego, California) is a unique project that brings together talented artists from all backgrounds to create underground apparel and music for the current generation. The project was created with the aim of raising awareness about autism, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Through this initiative, Punks for Autism aims to provide a platform for individuals on the autism spectrum to express themselves creatively through fashion. While also raising awareness for those who are effected by ASD.

The artists involved in Punks for Autism come from diverse backgrounds and have different styles and techniques. However, they share a common goal of creating clothing that is both bold and meaningful. The designs are inspired by punk rock culture and reflect the rebellious spirit of those who want to challenge societal norms. By merging art with fashion, Punks for Autism has created a collection that not only looks fresh but also carries an important message about acceptance and inclusion.

So far, the response to Punks for Autism has been overwhelmingly positive. As one-hundred percent of all proceeds are donated to help support various local and national Autism Awareness Organizations. And now the 2023 limited 12 inch vinyl release of  the Punks for Autism You Can’t Define Me!” music compilation is available for purchase! It features a variety of underground hardcore punk artists such as Danny Diablo (Force 5 Records), Black Friday Death Count, Wall Breaker, The Pawns, and many more! You can support the Punks for Autism cause through their official website here: https://punksforautism.com/



Fire is Murder – “Reclaim”.

No Consent – “Bastard Nation”.

Age of Ruin – “And so, Betrayed”.

Duhkha – “Crasher”.

Danny Diablo – “Stay Positive” ft. They Live – Piss Mobb – Tony Slippaz & Jeremiah Meyhem.

Armagideon Time – “Depressed”.

The Pawns – “Man Up”.

Black Friday Death Count – “The Breakdown Song”.




Wes Nihil x Bersuke – “Hardcore”.

Inyeccion Mutante – “Idéales Caídos”.

Kaze Jones – “Nerviosa”.

Wall Breaker – “Nothing on Me”.

Huge – “Sun on my back”.

BlackLiq x Empuls x Krohme – “Back Then” ft Daniel Fleming of Age of Ruin.

Triste – “Is This Over Yet”.

Wes Nihil – “Malt Liquor Mission” ft. Dean of No Redeeming Social Value, Graig Harold x Krhome.

Get Dead – Be Your Dog.

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