Ouija Macc – “Freak” [Official Music Video]

FREAK is the final video from DETRITUS [Album] available on all platforms now: http://fanlink.to/C17D Drop a “WHOOP WHOOP!” in the comments! DETRITUS merch & CDs here: http://Chapter17.com Wanna see Ouija Macc live!? Drop your area code or city in the comments too! We’re booking more tours so tell us where to go next!

Video Credits
Director – Ben Villapudua
Producer – Kevin Buckley
Cinematography – UNEVENARCHIVE
Lighting – Adam Cabrera
Song Producer – ShaggyTheAirhead
Brought to you by – Chapter 17

Stop saying I sound like $uicideboy$ and Ghostemane had an orgy baby. I am not Trippie Redd white sister. I am not Matt Ox uncle with a xan problem or the kid Pouya & Fat Nick bullied in middle school. No i am not ITSOKTOCRY with AIDS and I am not Icy Narco cousin’ Flamey Narco either. Thank you for all the comparisons tho! Also if you’re reading this Like & Subscribe to the channel & comment “The turd is in the punchbowl” so i know you saw this! As usual, Ask me questions in the comments I will answer 17 of them lOVE yOU.

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