Life Is Boring, So Give Us NEON Colors

Boring life. 
Boring job. 
Boring day. 
Boring night. 
What’s new?

The desire

Every. Single. Day. 
We wake up feeling groggy.
We make coffee.
We shower. 
We get out the door. 
It’s boring even before we get to work where it’s yes, boss. No, boss. Ha ha. Your jokes are really funny.  
Then comes the commute home. Raining again. Go figure. 
Crashing out on the sofa—we’re too tired even to watch that cheesy Hollywood film. 
Is this all there is?
Living on autopilot. 
Not caring either way.

The deal

We feel you. Actually, we do.
That’s why we created a project called unboring.
You see, we believe in design so much we think it has the power to beat Mr Boring.
And liberate us.

Good design isn’t just about a logo.
It’s about a vision of life. 
So. No more beige rolling paper booklets. 
We fight the big yawn with eye-catching NEON. 
The color of our creative spirit. 
Our look is minimalist and ultra-modern. 
It’s all sharp graphics and flat, acid colors. 
These booklets rebel against dullness.
The colors unleash our inner artist. 
Our provocative soul.
Our Van Gogh or Beethoven. Mary Shelley or Nijinsky.
Don’t believe us? Check these out…

The detail

We’ve got three rolling papers to choose from. 
​​In all of them the leaves are ultra-thin and slow burning. They’re GMO free and include the world’s first CBD-infused, vegan, acacia gum.
ROOR’s UNBLEACHED booklets share the same fluorescent orange color as the citrus fruit. 
We’ve made the papers inside with wood fibers sourced from sustainably managed forests.

ROOR’s ORGANIC HEMP booklets are inspired by the green hemp plant. 
We’ve made the rolling papers with 100 percent organic hemp which is grown and produced in France. 

Yellow is the color of optimism. And ROOR’s RICE booklets speak of sunny days. 
Our papers inside use authentic rice paper, made with GMO-free rice plants from the Camargue region of Southern France. 

The decision

Which one will you choose? UNBLEACHED? ORGANIC HEMP? Or RICE?
All three have the NEON color to beat boring Mr Beige.
So. Set your creative spirit free.
Tap here to discover more about unboring, the ROOR papers project.


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