KD the Stranger New Album Out Now

Juggalos! Juggalettes! Worldwide choppers! It’s your boy BeZerkaveli, and I am over in a different than usual segment, but that’s okay. I like to drift around, wandering aimlessly without any sense of direction. Some people say it’s freedom. Some professionals say it’s a spectrum. All that matters is that I’m here bring you some fresh ass flavor for your wigs.

By now, you guys should be familiar with juggalo fan favorite from Ukraine, KD the mothefucking Stranger… Okay, it’s just KD the Stranger, but you get the fucking point. I think it’s no secret that I remain in close contact with my friend overseas, and promote him when I can. The guy is heavily talented in a wide variety of ways, and I know the juggalo community looks for acts like KD, regardless of location, to be able to enjoy.

Anyways juggalos, even though things have been extremely hard in Ukraine, KD is trying his hardest to still pump out music and artwork, on a pretty regular basis too. KD is absolutely phenomenal at finding extremely strong and well established artists to collaborate with, as well as working with lesser known artists. Though I can’t understand him when he starts rapping in his native tongue, it’s still quite enjoyable. It’s good for people to expand their knowledge by exposing themselves to things they are not familiar with.

Well anyway juggs, BARDEVIL IN GODMODE is one helluva album. I am going to do a review soon here, but I’m currently busy working on my real estate ventures and personal life. Things have been very crazy on my end, but I look forward to bringing that to you guys.

In this album alone you can find features from the following artists: Gangsta Boo (RIP), Project Pat, SwizZz, King ISO, Madchild, Esham, Mastamind, Kamikazi, and so many more. This is a very well rounded project that you can truthfully enjoy. All support also helps those in Ukraine being impacted by the war, so that’s always a great thing.

Once again guys, I’m really frigging busy lately, so I have to fly. I appreciate your guys time, and I look forward to next time. Enjoy…


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