(HED) P.E. Kicks Crazy Town off the “Nu Metal Madness Tour 2” After Brawl!

Crazy Town, the Los Angeles-based rap rock band formed in 1995, found themselves with a lot of extra free time when they were officially  kicked off the “Nu Metal Madness Tour 2” by (HED) P.E., after a brutal fist fight between Crazy Town bandmates Seth Binzer (also known as Shifty Shellshock) and Bobby Reeves.

The altercation occurred sometime during their Sunday, April 23rd show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And it quickly turned violent. According to multiple sources, an argument between Binzer and Reeves about money escalated until punches were thrown. Both men suffered minor injuries.

While neither party is pressing charges, (HED) P.E. has made it clear that this incident has led to their dismissal from the “Nu Metal Madness Tour 2″.  As the tour will now continue with only (HED) P.E. , Adema, and Tantric. Guitarist Bobby Reeves recently stated that He And Shifty Shellshock, “Got In A Little Scuffle, But It’s All Good.”

From (HED) P.E. via Instagram:

“Hed PE had to kick Crazy Town off the tour. We’re not saints by any means and Hed PE has done some crazy shit, and I’m not passing judgment on Crazy Town, or Seth or anything like that. But whatever has gone on with us we’ve always tried to come with a good rock show.

Because of what’s going on with Seth and Crazy Town right now, Seth needs help. We can’t just sit by while he’s on the road battling demons to the death. He needs to get off the road and deal with that shit. So, you’ve seen the video. If it was just a fist fight between band members, maybe I could be the first one to kinda of mediate or some shit like that.

But this is a lot deeper than that. It’s a lot messier, so it’s definitely sad for us you know. Because I consider Seth a homie, but [we] just couldn’t keep it going. And Hed PE doesn’t support the shit that’s gone on and the shit that’s been done or been said by Crazy Town.”

Poor Quality Crazy Town Video Brawl


Remaining  “Nu Metal Madness Tour 2″ Dates:

04/26 McHenry, IL – The Vixen [Tickets]
04/27 Griffith, IN – Avenue 912 [Tickets]
04/28 Streator, IL – Northpoint Arena [Tickets]
04/29 Sioux City, IA – Hard Rock Casino [Tickets]
04/30 Rockford, IL – District Bar & Grill [Tickets]
05/01 Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s Live Music ((hed)p.e. only) [Tickets]
05/02 St. Louis, MO – Red Flag ((hed)p.e. only) [Tickets]
05/04 Houston, TX – Rise Rooftop [Tickets]
05/05 Dallas, TX – Trees [Tickets]
05/06 Little Rock, AR – The Rev Room [Tickets]
05/09 Denver, CO – Oriental Theater [Tickets]
05/10 Salt Lake City, UT – Liquid Joes [Tickets]
05/12 Reedley, CA – Wakehouse Outdoors [Tickets]
05/13 Garden Grove, CA – Garden AMP [Tickets]


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