Alla Xul Elu “Mutilation Mask Off” Tonight 8 PM EST via Whatnot!

We here at aren’t exactly sure what this specific live “Mutilation Mask Off” event with Alla Xul Elu via Whatnot will consist of. But we’re assuming it’ll be some type of live AXE mask bidding giveaway? As Billy Obey (Alla Xul Elu) randomly posted the whatnot event flyer on social media with the link. And Whatnot is described as “Buy, Sell, Go Live. A live shopping experience like no other”. But not much else was said in the post, just the flyer listed. So if you’re at all curious, tune in at 8 p.m. est tonight by downloading the Whatnot app here to see what Alla Xul Elu will be up to this evening.


from Faygoluvers


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