Violent J interviews Zug Izland for their 20 year anniversary!

The 20-year anniversary of Zug Izland‘s Cracked Tiles has just passed, and to commemorate that, we got a completely unexpected new video interview!

Who is the interviewer?  Why Violent J of course!  He got Mike P and Syn on a Zoom call and talked about recording the album, stories of other people involved (J couldn’t stop thinking about the hottie at the bonfire, lol), the magical weed-smoking tree in Dallas, Mike P’s influences on the production, and more!  They even revealed that the early version of Zug Izland was going to include Vampiro and The Rude Boy!

I’m not even finished with the interview yet but knew I had to get it out here to you ninjas!  So enjoy 30+ minutes of reminiscent flavor from Violent J and Zug Izland!

from Faygoluvers


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