Suburban Noize Records Kicks Off 25th Anniversary With Deluxe Version of (Hed) P.E.’s Classic Back To Base X

contain updated artwork, liner notes, and photos from that era.


  1. Listen

  2. Novus Ordos Clitorus

  3. Lock and Load

  4. White Collars

  5. Get Ready

  6. Sophia

  7. Peer Pressure

  8. Beware Do We Go

  9. Daze of War

  10. Sweetchops

  11. So It Be

  12. Let’s Ride”

  13. The Chosen One

  14. Niteclub in Bali (Unreleased Demo)

  15. Sophia (Live)

  16. Let’s Ride (Live) feat. Kutt Calhoun

  17.  Let’s Ride (Remix) feat. Madchild

For more information on (Hed) P.E.:

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