Dirtcore Music Expands! Signs Oblivia as Crossworm Drops “I Still Hate” Single & More!

Here’s some fresh Underground news before I head out to catch Max and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura) destroy the stage in Orlando tonight. Dirtcore Music has expanded its roster by signing dark pop recording artist Oblivia. Whom has previously collaborated with Lo Key (Mission: Infect) on various tracks via “The Book of Time”. Oblivia also just released her Dirtcore Music debut single “In Between” produced by both Godsynth and Crossworm.

Official Dirtcore Music Oblivia Press Release:

“Today we welcome a new artist to Dirtcore Music.
A dark pop singer named OBLIVIA, aka Olivia Hoffman.
I first discovered her 10 years ago when we were both writing for Lo Key’s album The Book of Time. I produced and composed a few of those songs like Bleed, Beneath the Stone, Oblivion, Smoke & Ash etc. She was writing a lot of vocals under the name Rhapture. I was receiving Book of Time demos on my early production clips with her backing vocals on them. I would mix her again throughout the years on various collaborations including Midwest Monsters.
We are releasing her first single right now.
No waiting around. Straight into it.
It’s called IN BETWEEN. It was produced by GODSYNTH, and myself (Crossworm).
This will be her moment to retire as a wallflower, and step forward with the main character energy she proves she has on this song.
Hear it on all platforms or at the following link:
as always, more music is on the way !!
Welcome, OBLIVIA !”
In other Dirtcore Music news. Crossworm decided to release his industrial induced rocker track “I Still Hate” early for the fans. In his own words meh. fuck the release date. enjoy You can bump “I Still Hate” below.
Last but not least. Genre bending emcee Samson Samson is now the official A&R of Dirtcore Music.
Here’s the official Crossworm announcement in regards to Samson Samson becoming the official A&R of Dirtcore Music.
I’ve asked Samson Samson to take on a position at Dirtcore Music as A&R. He pretty much immediately started doing those tasks on day one so it makes sense. Anyone seeking collabs, or signing to Dirtcore or setting up future interviews will do so through him. 💪🏻
Dirtcore Music Current Roster:
Samson Samson
The J. Hexx Project
The God Mumm-Ra

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