Woman’s Breast Cancer Returned Immediately After Dropping Treatment With Cannabis, Shrooms

One woman is living proof that medical cannabis and psilocybin-assisted therapy work. According to a case report published September 22, a woman’s breast cancer returned after stopping treatment with cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms.

LAD Bible reports that an anonymous woman in the U.K., 49, was living with advanced stages of metastatic breast cancer and stopped traditional drugs to treat it with medical cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. The reasoning was due to the woman’s grim prognosis: her cancer metastasized and spread to her bones, liver, and lymph nodes.

Doctors told her to immediately launch a ketogenic diet and undergo a 26-month regimen of chemotherapy.

However, the woman also embarked on a journey including psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, using psilocybin in microdoses to repair her emotional wellbeing. She also took high doses of cannabis rich in THC and CBD.

When she combined THC/CBD and psilocybin microdoses with the chemotherapy—the cancer went into remission. At first, the results were astounding: After a five-month treatment period, researchers found no evidence of metastatic disease, and her chemotherapy treatments were canceled. The woman remained disease-free for 18 months while treating it with cannabis and psilocybin. But when she got confident and drastically lowered her cannabis in psilocybin intake, scans revealed that the cancer returned quickly.

The Woman’s Personal Testimony

The woman provided a personal testimony of how well cannabis and psilocybin work compared to conventional drugs like chemotherapy.

“In September 2018, I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer,” the woman wrote in a personalized perspective included in the study. “My first thought was, ’what am I going to tell my mother?’”

In September 2019, scans indicated that the cancer didn’t return, and the patient lowered her cannabis regimen. However by June 2020, tests revealed the cancer was back.

“This brings up the possibility that withdrawal of the cannabinoid and psychedelic therapies may have contributed to the return of the cancer,” researchers wrote in the case study.

The woman continued, “I immediately began incorporating cannabis into my daily treatment plan. By January 2019, I was found to have no evidence of disease according to my scans. This was absolutely unexpected. When one is diagnosed with cancer, the mental, physical and emotional events which consume and slowly chip away at one’s humanity become a daily routine.”

“Everything changes in a heartbeat, and suddenly death becomes your daily counterpart. It’s dehumanizing, demoralizing, and just plain horrific. Cannabis changes all of this. It will ease the suffering of so many, as it eased mine. Cannabis provides hope. It provides help when you feel you can’t go on. I was able to eat. I was able to sleep. The nausea was almost non-existent. I could function. I could work. I was no longer slave to my disease. Imagine a world that embraces cannabis as a true medicinal plant that heals those afflicted with illness. That is the hope cannabis provides. It heals. It restores. It gives life. And access should NEVER be in question.”

Researchers appear to agree with the woman:

“The overall picture of the case presents the strong possibility that cannabinoids and psychedelics have played an important modulatory or additive role to standardised treatment, which warrants further exploration,” researchers concluded.

The case study provides a rare glimpse into what happens when people living with cancer start and stop cannabis and psilocybin-assisted therapy.

Fortunately, there’s a happy ending to this story. After the woman learned that her cancer returned, she immediately reintroduced psychedelics and raised the dose of her cannabis regimen, which doctors say stabilized her condition.

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