What’s the Best Place to Buy CBD Flower?

Now, Oregon is perhaps most notably known for its artisanal craft cannabis and CBD offerings.

A state with a long history of relaxed cannabis laws, Oregon is where many of the most important political and social events in American hemp history have occurred. Interestingly, Oregon has decriminalized cannabis twice, first in the late 1970s, then in 1998. Moreover, in 2008, Oregon was the second state to enact a Medical Marijuana Program.

Oregon’s fertile farmlands, pristine water sources, ideal climate, and deep-rooted counterculture, propelled it to its preeminent position both figuratively and geographically atop Northern California’s Emerald Triangle.

Oregon’s history and long-standing commitment to crafting quality cannabis have led to the state becoming the nation’s top producer of premium CBD flower.

The wonder cannabinoid, which is no longer considered second fiddle to THC-Delta 9, has become a cannabis darling due to its countless medicinal applications. From mental health to chronic pain, CBD’s restorative powers are now common knowledge both inside and outside of the cannabis counterculture.

And Oregon has led the way in producing flower that rivals the finest pot in the world. By selectively breeding industrial hemp strains of cannabis that do not qualify as controlled substances by the federal government due to their negligible THC content, CBD farmers have produced cultivars that contain as much as 26% CBD with little to no THC.

Courtesy of JAXON

So, where does one acquire such lovely remedies? A wonderful place to start is with JAXON, located in Southern Oregon’s majestic Rogue Valley. As the latest business venture and passion project of its owner Jamie McCleary, the company was created through a synergistic collaboration between 100-plus farmers, many of whom are long-standing legacy growers hailing from the legendary growing region.

As a family-owned CBD company, JAXON uses this approach to deliver the world with premium CBD flower and beautifully packaged CBD products such as topicals, edibles, and smokables while ensuring everyone involved feels like they are an integral part of the entire process.

Courtesy of JAXON

Historically, Oregon has been a leader in organic farming practices and agricultural standards, and the state’s climate, as well as its heritage of responsible land and plant stewardship, provide it with the conditions to cultivate world-class CBD flower, which JAXON provides the majority of. From exotic greenhouse-grown ZaZa to the extravagantly cultivated indoor Bubba Kushes, as well as the tangy and gassy, Sativa-derived sun-grown cultivars such as Lifter, Hawaiian Haze, and Sour Space Candy, JAXON has you covered!

By visiting JAXON’s website at www.buyoregonhemp.com, shoppers can find CBD flower at every price point, at times even as low as $33 per pound! JAXON’s extremely popular Reggies collection ensures affordable CBD flower for the enthusiast on any budget. Apart from curating one of the most comprehensive CBD flower menus on the planet, JAXON also offers gummies and an array of high-quality CBD topicals and edibles. Classy gold-foil on matte-black packaging and proprietary formulation make JAXON’s CBD products a great gift—even for the most discerning CBD enthusiasts.

Where JAXON really shines is in its top-shelf flower offerings. There was a time when CBD flower was viewed as inferior to THC flower. Nevermore! With the passing of the Federal Hemp Farming Act of 2018, several years of CBD farming and breeding have given rise to exciting new genetic variations and phenotypes, as well as recognizable hybrids, now available as CBD flower, including luxurious and exotic strains with names like Sour Special Sauce, Sour Elektra, Wedding Cake, Lemon Octane, and Blue Dream, the list is endless!

Courtesy of JAXON

JAXON’s top-shelf buds are so perfect that they can easily be mistaken for those Cannabis Cup-winning strains we know and love. Squishy, sticky, and heavily fragranced flower is the norm on the JAXON menu. Perusing JAXON’s flower offerings on their website, it is easy for shoppers to discern that when it comes to quality CBD flower, JAXON has got it going on.

Yet, there is one factor that further differentiates JAXON from the rest of the pack: owner Jamie McCleary’s commitment to his employees. McCleary is passionate about paying his employees a living wage, profit sharing, and promoting a work-to-live culture instead of a live-to-work culture. His dedication is evident when visiting JAXON’s facilities.

Courtesy of JAXON

The tight-knit crew buzzes around the facility, rushing orders for overnight delivery while observing rigorous quality control measures to ensure each order pleases its recipient.

Through cooperative partnerships, JAXON continues to work to benefit farmers in the region, bringing the fruits of their labor to CBD enthusiasts around the world. As if offering one of the world’s most premium and robust lines of Southern Oregon CBD flower wasn’t enough, JAXON also offers high-quality CBD gummies, CBD pre-rolls, CBD smalls, and a host of wellness products.

Shop the entire JAXON store here.

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