More Flavor Announced for the Gathering of Dreams!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, but just because your scrubby ass has a long weekend doesn’t mean that the homies at Psychopathic are taking time off!

There are 3 new pieces of other flavor that have been added to and I think you’re gonna LOVE this shit!

There will be a Houes of Horrors haunted attraction, Free Tattoos, and they’re bringing back Helicopter Rides!  For those of you who were lucky enough to attend a Gathering at Cave-In-Rock, you may remember how fuckin’ fresh it was to see the entire Gathering grounds from several hundred feet above.  If not, check out this footage from a ninja on Youtube:

Alright, now let’s check out the details on all of the events that were announced.


Clown Love Tattoo Party
Wednesday: Noon – 8pm
Juggalo Dream

Come on down to get stabbed!!! We will be cranking out supa dupa fresh GATHERING EXCLUSIVE tattoos for FREE! That’s right motha fuckkkkoooos FREEE! There will be set flash designs to choose from. Black and grey only and set sizes so we can tatt up as many ninjas as we can! We will have a signup sheet so get yo ass down there to lock in a spot! Tattooing has been a dream come true for me, so I can’t think of anything fresher than spreading the LOVE with my family at the Gathering of DREAMS! Don’t you worry, we will have saniderm bandages to cover them up so yo stank ass don’t get an infection. So, CALL YO MOM, ask for permission and come get INKY with us!!! Don’t forget your ID & be over 18 because we legit! 🖤 Dedicated to Dana MCL.

Helicopter Rides
Noon – 8pm Each Day (there is a fee for these rides)
Violent J’s Dream

This is The Gathering of Dreams, bitch! You know at the Gathering we fly high and ain’t never comin’ down! From noon to 8pm each day we are offering helicopter rides for up to three ninjas at a time courtesy of Psychopathic’s elite aerial division, specially trained in the wilds of rural Ohio to be masters of sky-high maneuvers (purely speculation)! Allow these ninjas of the air to ferry you skyways on a tour of Legend Valley’s breathtaking scenery! You might even spot a Bigfoot…or perhaps a butthole. However, one sight is guaranteed to you for certain: a unique perspective on the greatest Family Reunion on Earth!

House of Horrors
10pm – 4am Daily
Juggalo Dream

“Come one, come all! This is the HOUSE OF HORRORS!! And for you, it’s absolutely FREE! Step right up!! Get ready ninjas for the most terrifying spectacle the Gathering has ever had! A haunted attraction, ran by Juggalos, FOR Juggalos. Are you scared of the dark? Are you scared of what lurks in the dark? Don’t be a cry baby bitch! Come face your deepest FEARS!! You never know what may be waiting for you around each corner. And the best part? It’s absolutely FREE!! My name’s Grayson Norville and ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a passion for horror. I have been in the Haunted House industry for the last 15 years! I promise to give you, my fellow Juggalos, a show you will not forget. You DO NOT want to miss The House of Horrors!

We’re just about 2 months away, so if you don’t have your tickets yet, make sure you make that shit a priority!  Get them now at!

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