Gathering of Dreams Seminars Announced! (ICP Mystery, Bigfoot, Morton’s List, Vampiro)

Oh shit Juggalos!  We just got a big ass flavor nugget dropped on us straight from!  This year’s Seminars have been announced, and it looks like most of them are going to be outside of the norm of what we’re used to.

There will be seminars from the creators of Morton’s List, the most world-renowned Bigfoot expert: Todd Standing, international wrestling superstar Vampiro, and an ICP Mystery Seminar!  That last one definitely caught my eye, and who knows what the Wicked Clowns have in store for us on that one!

Since there have only been 4 announced, we’ll give you all the info you need here.


ICP’s Mystery Seminar

Shaggy’s Dream

Have you ever woken up from a dream still haunted by the strange, symbolic language and what it all could mean? If symbols are the language of dreams, this event is stamped with a marker of mystery. A Question Mark as bright and indelible and certain of uncertainty as the one decorating the face of a closed Riddlebox. What is it that the Wicked Clowns have in store for you? Only they know for sure. The only way for you to find out is to be in attendance as the curtain is drawn and secrets unveiled at The ICP Mystery Seminar!


Morton Revealed Seminar

Jumpsteady’s Dream

(No Filming or Photos Permitted)

Morton’s List: The End to Boredom. The Game of Real-life Adventure. The original Dark Carnival Game. 21 years since its release at the 2001 Gathering of the Juggalos, all 10,000 copies have been dispersed around the world. Now, at the Gathering of Dreams, the time is finally ripe to unveil the ultimate secret: who is the mysterious Morton? Twilight Lords, “Ninja Nate” Andren, Rob “Jumpsteady” Bruce, and R. Jesse Deneaux reveal it all! Don’t miss the long-awaited announcement of the next evolution of Morton’s List, the only game to be banned by Hot Topic and GenCon, the country’s largest tabletop gaming convention. Whether you’re a veteran player or newly curious, join us for this historic seminar, where one lucky attendee will win a unique jersey!


Vampiro’s Spoken Word

Violent J’s Dream

From the glamorous metropolitan lights of Mexico City to Legend Valley’s ethereal haze, the life and times of wrestling superstar Vampiro outlines the story of a truly international man. Hear him tell it in his own words, as this famed and sometimes infamous figure recounts journeys from the sports entertainment colosseums of WCW to becoming a trusted road dog of the Insane Clown Posse! It’s a rare window into the mind of a man who has spanned the globe while somehow remaining down to Earth. A man who is nothing short of a living legend! Don’t miss it!


Todd Standing’s Bigfoot Seminar

Violent J’s Dream

The Dark Carnival is tapped into the currents of mystery that run unseen just beneath the surface of this world we live in. So, it is no coincidence that, 17 years after his first encounter with Sasquatch, Todd Standing will face The Juggalos, disclosing his cryptozoological adventures in a tell-all seminar! In case you’ve been living up a Bigfoot’s butt, Todd Standing is the tracker, researcher, and filmmaker responsible for capturing the most compelling evidence of Sasquatch in the wild, as seen in his 2017 Documentary, “Discovering Bigfoot”!  This certified super ninja has gone as far as challenging the Canadian government to protect the rights of these creatures, so you know he has some stories to tell!

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