Does Delta 8 THC Get You High? Unicorn Brands Says Yes

Long story short, yes, according to Unicorn Brands. Short story long, also yes, but with a longer explanation. The battle of the cannabinoids that surfaced with the legalization of the farm bill in 2017 has played out in many arenas and across many different platforms. The explosion of interest in both traditional cannabis and CBD has pushed growers from the traditional side to hit potency numbers only Evil Kenevial himself would dare to try. With the correlation between potency numbers and price tags, THC growers have found themselves between a rock and hard place: Continue to pump up numbers, or risk being labeled as “overpriced.” Enter stage left: Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 THC is the new kid on the block, the trust fund kid who never had to work, the guy who seems to have it all. No doubt the Delta 8 market has piggybacked off of the traditional market, but in doing so, it exposed something, a crack in the armor. Delta 8 THC gets you high (kinda); it gets you juuuuust high enough to soothe you off to sleep, to help with that sore back, to chill you out before your next big test (enter your favorite acronym here) and is gone just in time for you to slip silently into the night, leaving you refreshed, fulfilled, and craving more.

So Why Delta 8?

In general, Delta 8 THC is known for hitting all the rights and very little of the wrongs. Most agree it won’t make you groggy or “couch locked,” and it generally doesn’t have the hungry, hungry hippo effect. All this is starting to sound like a fantasy and made up so…

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Delta 8?

Enter stage left—I mean right, Unicorn Brand. Unicorn Brand is an Emerald Triangle-based company that specializes in High. Quality. Fun. Delta 8 THC, HHC, and THCO. Unicorn’s product selection ranges from Delta 8-infused flower to Delta 8 gummies that will rock your world. There is something available for everyone’s style.

Unicorn Brands
Courtesy of Unicorn Brands

Delta 8 Flower

For the consumers looking for the most effective way to consume not only Delta 8 THC, but any cannabinoid, nothing beats the good ole’ farm fresh Delta 8 THC flower in your favorite smoking apparatus. While there are many options, Unicorn Brand carries a wide variety of strains that fit almost anyone’s needs including smalls, bigs, mids, and the coveted new strains every harvest year. Each of the cultivars produced and sold by Unicorn Brand come with our distinct flavor profile and experience. And with the brand focusing on High. Quality. Fun, it is almost certain that you will start to feel the magic as soon as you open the box.

Unicorn Brands
Courtesy of Unicorn Brands

Delta 8 Smalls

A derivative of the bigs, the Delta 8 THC smalls offered by the brand deliver a powerful punch of the elevating cannabinoid, which also hits at a lower price point and is perfect for those Sunday Funday smoke sessions or to purchase a product that is super easy to roll up and enjoy with the “at home” style pre-rolls.

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

For those of us who are on the go or do not want to roll up the Js, Unicorn Brand’s wide variety of Delta 8 THC pre-rolls deliver an intoxicating combination of Delta 8 THC, your favorite strain, and in some cases, a premium coat of keif. Delta 8 THC pre-rolls are that perfect combination of High. Quality. Fun. that everyone is searching for right now. These will have anyone flying with the unicorns in no time!

Courtesy of Unicorn Brands

Delta 8 Gummies

Ah yes, the age-old true warrior test, the infamous edibles. Will they work? Did I eat too much? Not enough? Who the F%*& knows! Welcome to the world of delta 8 THC gummies. Unicorn Brand offers tantalizing flavors, packed with a unicorn level of delta 8 THC. Each gummy has 25mg of the secret sauce that will leave you wondering what planet you are on. Gummies are an excellent option for folks who are looking for that smooth and powerful climb up the mountain. Who’s ready to play roulette? Time to spin the wheel and see where we end up!

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