Crossworm Reveals “Dirtcore Music” Record Label! Signs Samson Samson!

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Today, the maelstrom of music talent that is Crossworm announced launching his own authentic independent record label “Dirtcore Music”! Along with the first artist announced to sign with Dirtcore Music, the multi-genre mind bender emcee known as Samson Samson! Here is Crossworm’s press release in regards to launching Dirtcore Music and signing Samson Samson! 

From Crossworm Across Social Media:

“I signed my first artist officially to Dirtcore Music.”
Quick backstory:
“I came up with the term Dirtcore in the late 90’s as kind of a satire on what people were doing with making up random genre names. In 2006 I formed the beginnings of Dirtcore Music. Having stood out stylistically with Crossworm, people started to really hear it as it’s own separate genre. In the late 90’s I described it as “industrial hip hop” but it wasn’t one genre mixed with the other. It’s an actual blend. Something new in terms of vibe, sound, and aesthetic.
I’ve always planned to run my own independent record label and my dream was to push this production sound of mine, but there were few artists that met that old criteria. But now things have changed. Recently I decided to finally open up Dirtcore Music officially to other artists with a more lenient approach. I decided it wouldn’t be necessary that the music be produced by me, or fit in a specific genre or sound.”
“But it just so happens that the first artist that signed is exactly the old criteria. I discovered this artist in 2014 while mixing the Midwest Monsters record, and then again on their following record. This artist was a guest feature on both albums. Later that year were both guest features on an Underground Unleashed song called “I Don’t Really Care”, with Murda D and Legion.
He’s done a lot musically over the years and just came back after taking a hiatus from music.
The first artist of many on Dirtcore Music is Samson Samson. Raised in Maryland, and based in Virginia, Samson Samson blends goth, horror, industrial, and hip hop and is a perfect fit to kick off the new empire. Literally, before the ink on the contract was even dry, he and I started working on his debut record for Dirtcore Music, and he has already sent me sessions to mix.
Welcome to Dirtcore, brother!
This is going to be a blast and I’m pumped to help elevate Samson in every way I can.”
Wow! We here at are stoked to see more freshness from the underground, especially from Crossworm and Samson Samson! More artists will likely be announced  for Dirtcore Music soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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