Camp XUL Timeline Released

The 2nd annual Camp XUL is a little under a month away, and with that, the set times for the event have been released. Peep below for all the freshness, and let us where you’re planning on being at Camp XUL!!

Friday June 3:

4pm-4:20pm – Keagan Grimm

4:30pm-4:50pm – D.E.A.N.

5:00pm-5:20pm – Nastie Ink

5:30pm-5:50pm – Zitro

6:00pm-6:30pm – Michigan Misfits

6:40pm-7:10pm – Cody Manson

7:20pm-7:50pm – Scum/Insane Poetry

8:05pm-9:05pm – ABK

9:30pm-11:30pm – The Trail — Ft Alla Xul Elu

11:00pm-3am – Late Night Gaming


Saturday June 4:

3:00pm-3:45pm – Q&A w/ Super Famous Fun Time Guys

3:50pm-4:35pm – Q&A w/ Alla Xul Elu

5:00pm-5:20pm – Forever Face Family Portrait

5:30pm-5:50pm – V Sinizter

6:00pm-6:20pm – Sky Swamp Orange

6:30pm-6:50pm – Donnie Menace

7:00pm-7:30pm – STR8 Jaket

7:40pm-8:10pm – Famz And The Hooliganz

8:20pm-8:50pm – Bukshot

9:05pm-9:55pm – Super Famous Fun Time Guys

10:05pm-2am – Killeoke

10:05pm-2am – Blood Moon Movie Massacre


Sunday June 5:

Noon-2:30pm – Meet & Greet w/ Long Live Evil

3:00pm-3:10pm – Devious T

3:20pm-3:30pm – Jay Villain

3:40pm-4:00pm – Dieabolik

4:10pm-4:30pm – S.O.N.

4:40pm-5:00pm – Obnoxious

5:10pm-5:30pm – DJ Swamp

5:40pm-6:10pm – Chucky Chuck DGAF

6:25pm-6:55pm – Johnny Richter

7:10pm-8:00pm – Slasher Dave

8:10pm-9:00pm – Blaze

9:10pm-10:10pm – Alla Xul Elu

















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