Jon’s Stone Cold Cop List: Fully Legal (21st Edition)

If editions were years we’d be legal. Wild.

I promised you two this month, and skating in just under the buzzer, here we are getting back up to speed. It’s almost alarming how many of these exist at this point — I have smoked a LOT on all y’all’s behalf, but I’m certainly not complaining. Simply pointing it out because I finally made a spreadsheet with all the picks I’ve made since the first edition to make sure I’m not repeating anything, and it is LONG! If you’ve been riding with me for awhile now thank you for your continued support, I have a hell of a good time putting this together for ya’. If you’re just joining us, the next graph will get you up to speed.

As we get into 4/20 season there’s always a ton of new (frankly bullshit) on the market, but you know how we do over at the Cop List, we see through the smoke & mirrors. We’re not playing into your gimmicks here, we’re smackin’ the bologna away like it just made a joke about Will’s wife (I will not be over that for months) and bringing you the real. Keep an eye out for a special edition next month around the holiday, and as always, let me know on Twitter anything I missed, or what’s got you excited!

The Wormhole

Courtesy of Artisan Canna Cigars

Y’all know I like joints, and even more when they have the wood tips, but y’all, I think I found the holy trinity. A wood-tipped, hash-cored, true artisan handroll you’ll actually enjoy smoking. Handcrafted by Artisan Canna Cigars, the guys who have been making Thai-stick and Cannagar style hand rolls for ages, have now come with something a bit more laid back, but with all the stopping power of their previous products. Available in two sizes, their big dogs are filled with 2.25 grams of flower with a 0.75 gram snake of rosin in the center, and boy do the collabs they put together SMASH. My first taste was made with Green Dawg’s Dawg Breath flower, and Hash Assassins Gas Tanker #5 rosin, and it was a great experience, but I’ve also seen Blueprint, Turtle Pie Co., Surprise Surprise, and others on their labels, so you know they’re always coming with the pedal to the metal.

Helios Hash

Courtesy of Helios Hash

If you’re a fan of rosin you likely heard about these guys recent big win at Ego Clash, but for all the rest of us not navel gazing on all the industry competitions, allow me to introduce you to some new firepower coming out of the East Coast. Grown outside in Maine, which is not as easy of a climate as that we experience in California, the Helios team are true east coast aficionados, and they make a damn good product. I first linked with these guys on a trip to the Bay, when Groovy invited me to this crazy fancy house party, and I immediately vibed with the newly introduced family business, and I’ve got to say, for a guy who’s not easily impressed by hash, these guys are making something special.

Doja Pak’s Kamikaze

Courtesy of Doja Pak

Ladies & Gents, we’re officially back in Z season. I know y’all love Candy, and Gas, and all the purple you can get your hands on, but let me remind you that variety is the spice of life, and NOTHING tastes quite as good as Zkittles. Not only that, but you know Doja Pak always comes correct with the packs he puts his name on, so if you don’t trust my tastebuds, maybe the name value will sway you. This new Z cross comes from a collaboration with John Doe Supply Co., which means it was grown in living soil in Humboldt County, and boy does it show in the end product. These buds are beyond vibrant. With a flavor that’s perfect for anytime, and a high that’s just right for exploring creative efforts, this is currently my favorite daytime smoke, and that’s saying something as I’ve been on the hunt for uppers lately. 

C.A.D.’s Gemstone Roll-On

Courtesy of C.A.D.

While I (fortunately) don’t typically have a huge need for topicals, I think it’s important that even if I’m not always the target market, that I create space for, and spread the good word about, brands doing things the right way, despite the category. While I’m not the most ache-y, I’m well aware the need for effective topicals, not to mention how large market segment is becoming, and how many lousy ‘CBD’ products are flooding internet shops. Well friends, if you’re in pain and looking for real relief, there’s pretty much only one brand I recommend to my people, and that’s Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs. You see, there are few people as dedicated, and deliberate, as the wizards at C.A.D., and Carter specifically. This company isn’t simply trying to make money in the burgeoning industry, it’s here to provide real medicine to the community, and frankly they’re never settling for the status quo. Their most recent product, their Gemstone Roll-On, is a testament to that fact. Of course Carter couldn’t settle for a regular ball — homie had to bring you something natural and heady. It’s no wonder these guys have a few Cannabis Cups in their cabinet; they’re next level.

Terps Flower

Courtesy of Terps Flower

The long awaited debut of the collaborative effort between two of the sweetest members of the cannabis community is finally here. Launching through select dispensary partners, Terps Flower is the solution-oriented brainchild of Bentley Rolling & Doc Ray Genetics, and boy is it pungent. Created as a way to both empower legacy farmers and preserve the heritage terp profiles the market has seemed to devalue as of late, the brand focuses on providing NorCal farmers with a living wage for their work, despite the larger market’s current race to the bottom. Their initial offering does a great job of expressing the differences this plant is capable of producing, with loud aromas and even stronger effects. While I know sungrown gets a lot of slack, it’s hard to argue with the results of mother nature. Pair that vibrant nose potential with a real selection of curated flavors and you’ve got a recipe for success every time!

Fig Farms – 6ixth Sense

Courtesy of Fig Farms

If you’re a regular reader of my stuff, or of High Times in general, you’ve undoubtedly heard me sing Fig Farms praises before. After all, they are without question one of my favorite brands. Simply put, this is one of the best cultivators I’ve ever seen (not a title I throw around lightly), and the subject of my initial Brand Spotlight (which evolved into the monthly magazine feature), so anytime I hear from Keith or Mike is a good day in my book. During my last link up with Mike he slipped me a bit of their new 6ixth Sense and let me just say, for a shop that’s constantly producing market leaders, even they have outdone themselves with this one. This was one of the most gorgeous buds I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming, and they’re not wrong with the title — this shit really will have you seeing in the dark.

3C’s new DTLA Dispensary

Courtesy of 3C

Now I’ve been to a lot of dispensaries in my day, and I hope my guys don’t get too mad at me for saying this, but what 3C has built downtown really feels like something special. Designed with the best elements of bars, delis, and lounges in mind, their new shop isn’t the type of place you’re going to want to rush out of. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the first shops I’ve been in that I actually feel like I’d want to hang out in, kind of the way record stores or skate shops felt back in the day. With finished wood countertops and plenty of room to wait your turn without feeling crowded, perhaps my favorite part of the dispensary is the grow featured in the middle of the shop, and visible from just about every angle in the building. It reminds me of the best elements of the old 215 shopping experience, paired with the high-end feel of a wine bar, and while that may seem like a strange juxtaposition, I’d recommend stopping in to see just how quickly you’ll feel ‘at home’.

Pigeon Pot Pie by SF Cultivators

Courtesy of SF Cultivators

At the most recent Trans Bay Challenge, although it lost the big award to the early frontrunner Pink Certz, there was one cultivar in the competition that really stood out to me. Unlike anything else at the event, SF Cultivators’ Pigeon Pot Pie had one of the most unique noses I’ve smelt in ages. Although it’s hard to describe exactly what I was tasting, PPP is a cross of Hippy Crasher and Sunset Sherb, and it’s like this pheno brings out the strangest traits in each of its parents. While the look and smoke of this cultivar was exceptional, it’s the aroma I can’t stop thinking about, wishing I could properly decipher this aromatic code. The only real way to understand is to experience it for yourself, and while Pink Certz is a great smoke, this was without question the standout entry to me. I believe it finished second overall in Jimi’s highly competitive competition though, so you don’t just have to take my word for it, the other judges also loved it!

Puffco’s Hot Knife

Courtesy of Puffco

This is probably the oldest thing on this list, but it’s one I’m fairly certain never got its shine here, so I’m throwing it down for those that don’t know. If you haven’t used Puffco’s Hot Knife before, dabbing is harder than it needs to be. If, like me, you’ve ever been annoyed trying to get your globs off into your banger, this product is for you. The easiest way to explain it is it’s a dab tool that heats up so your chosen product slides off and into your consumption device, rather than needing to push it off with another tool (or your finger!). What’s more, this isn’t just some peak attachment. With maybe the exception of slurpers bc I’m not sure it’s a good idea to touch the tool to the hot glass like that (although it looks ceramic so it SHOULD be fine, but don’t kill the messenger if it’s not), the Hot Knife will work with bangers just as well as your Peak or Pen device, and it will make the concentrate consumption experience far easier, and with less mess!

The Keith Haring Foundation x Vibes Collab Cases

Courtesy of Vibes Papers

I’m a Haring fanboy, so basically anything that comes out with his art is going to be a hit for me, but the new collab between Vibes and the Keith Haring Foundation has not only made rolling easier on the go, it also doubles as a dope lil art piece I can carry around with me all day. I’ve included the past collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation and Greenlane in one of my first editions, and it seems the hits keep coming. Now while definitely a pretty case on its own, there’s more to this collaboration. The container opens up into a rolling tray and storage container, with 10 Vibes cones ready to fill. While the cones won’t last forever, this tin is certainly going to be one you’re going to want to keep around for pre-packing seshes.

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