Insane Clown Posse discussed on “Did You Get My Text” Podcast

Comedian Patton Oswalt and his wife Meredith have a podcast called “Did You Get My Text?” where they discuss current events, parenthood, and whatever else might pop up.

This week they started talking about things that they misjudged because it was the status quo.  Patton had a bad experience with ICP’s crew at Woodstock ’99.  He didn’t go into details about what happened but said it wasn’t J and Shaggy.  Either way, he has heard from comics who have performed at the Gathering and only talk about how great of a time they had, how fresh Juggalos are, and more!  He also talks about how he respects that ICP has changed their stance on things throughout the years.

They start talking about ICP at around the 9 minute mark and you can listen to it below:

Super huge props to Patton and Meredith for showing love and respect to ICP and Juggalos!  Let’s hope we can get them to the Gathering soon!

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