Brand Spotlight: JUSTICE JOINTS

It’s no secret that cannabis legalization hasn’t magically reversed the War on Drugs. While we have people still sitting in jail for nonviolent cannabis offenses, as well as those who are struggling for reentry into society from jail time, it’s clear that there is still much more work to be done as advocates.

Although it’s largely up to lawmakers and the powers that be to legislate necessary changes on local and federal levels, many companies and organizations have stepped up to help supplement and support the community. One of these altruistic companies is JUSTICE JOINTS, which has earned the spot as High Times’ Brand Spotlight this month.

JUSTICE JOINTS has a strong backing, as it was launched by the California-based luxury cannabis brand, CANNDESCENT back in October 2020. The brand was launched with the pure intention of creating an avenue to give back funds that aid those most affected by cannabis prohibition. What sets this brand apart from others, is that 100 percent of profits from JUSTICE JOINTS are donated to aid BIPOC communities in ownership and participation in the cannabis community.

The funds also go toward supporting programs that release prisoners, expunge records and help facilitate successful reentry for those who have nonviolent cannabis offenses. 

JUSTICE JOINTS is unique in that it puts the power of change into the hands of both consumers and retailers alike. All in all, this brand empowers everyone in our community to band together for a greater good.

“JUSTICE JOINTS provides an opportunity for the entire cannabis community to rally and to change the world we have into the one we want,” CANNDESCENT CEO Adrian Sedlin stated in a press release. “As industry participants, we feel a massive imperative to help the thousands of people still jailed for selling the same plant we do, and to increasing participation opportunities for those communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs.”

JUSTICE JOINTS offers one-gram pre-rolls for under $10 each in various strain varieties. Some of the popular strains available in pre-roll form include Grease Monkey, GMO, Green Crack, Iced Cherry Cookies, Lemon OG, Jack Herer and Rolex OG, among others. With a wide variety of cultivars to choose from, it’s not only the fire product that will get consumers engaged; the striking black and white packaging is more than meets the eye. 

JUSTICE JOINTS takes its advocacy to an educational level, allowing consumers to learn more about its mission just by feasting their eyes on the packaging. This means that consumers who may not be familiar with the brand before visiting a dispensary or online purchasing platform can quickly learn the benefits of their purchase. The boxes that house JUSTICE JOINTS’ pre-rolls are chock-full of information and facts that tell consumers about the War on Drugs.

For example, it explains the disproportionate number of people of color who own cannabis companies in comparison to white folks. Additionally, the packaging reveals that there are currently more than 40,000 individuals who are behind bars due to cannabis-related charges. Another upsetting fact listed is that every 48 seconds someone is arrested for a cannabis-related offense in the United States.

Consuming cannabis recreationally or medically is the main commonality that ensures the cannabis industry’s financial success. Through JUSTICE JOINTS’ branded products, consuming cannabis can become more intentional, as it helps remind consumers and retailers of the issues that still plague our industry.

During its launch in October 2020, JUSTICE JOINTS announced its partnership with Last Prisoner Project. This nonprofit was a perfect fit, as their missions are perfectly aligned. “Last Prisoner Project is proud to partner with CANNDESCENT at the launch of JUSTICE JOINTS so we can raise awareness around the need for criminal justice reform,” Erik Murray, Last Prisoner Project Board Member stated. “Last Prisoner Project can’t express enough gratitude to the consumers who purchase this great product, and for their contributions to our collective efforts to bring these cannabis prisoners home.”


This partnership has proven to be successful, as in just the first six months of its launch, JUSTICE JOINTS raised more than $60,000 for Last Prisoner Project. The funds went toward programs to help expunge records, release inmates and allow for their reentry.

Since its iconic launch, JUSTICE JOINTS has remained committed to its mission and partnering with like-minded organizations. This past September, the brand partnered with Cannabis for Black Lives (CfBL). CfBL is “a coalition of cannabis companies galvanizing the broader industry to support Black led organizations and communities through a commitment to corporate hiring and company culture, amplification of Black voices, and financial support with ongoing accountability measures,” according to the organization’s website.

In September, JUSTICE JOINTS announced its commitment to becoming a long-term partner to CfBL, committing 50 percent of its profits to the cause.

This altruistic brand differentiates itself by bringing a level of education to consumers through its products and social media. Beyond the packaging, following JUSTICE JOINTS on platforms such as Instagram gives followers a quick glimpse into facts around the drug war, as well as progress that is being made. For example, the brand has recently shared how “17.5 million cannabis arrests were made between 1997-2019.” The brand doubled-down on its plan to “continue our mission until every last cannabis prisoner is set free.” Follow the hashtag #SPARKCHANGE to stay informed.

Read this story originally published in High Times January 2022 Issue in our archive.

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