Beneath the Dirt Podcast Interviews Scottie D!

One of my favorite podcasts actually reached out to me about an interview, and of course I had to say yes! If you’ve never checked it out, a ninja named Rone Bone has a podcast called Beneath The Dirt where he discusses all of the latest happenings in the underground hip-hop community!  He has new episodes twice a week and is inching up on close to 200 of them!

In episode 185, we discuss the origins of Faygoluvers, the current state of the Juggalo world, the Gathering, Astronomicon, ICP, Twiztid, favorite interviews that I’ve been a part of, the ICP tell-all interview, raising kids as a Juggalo, and so much more!  We chopped it up for over an hour and hopefully you’ll really dig it!

Here are a couple of ways to listen:

And for all other listening options, check the following link:

Let us know what you think!  Much love to Beneath The Dirt for the invite!

from Faygoluvers


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