Welcome to the Crypto Cannabis Club

Crypto Cannabis Club is a home for fans of cannabis and NFTs from all over the globe. In a short span of six months, the club has already amassed over 10,000 members, spending their days swapping stories, selling cannabis plant NFTs on secondary markets, and even entering crypto cannabis cup competitions. It’s a new force to recognize in the metaverse. 

The club began as a family business. It was co-founded by two brothers, Jimmy and Kevin Fitzpatrick. As crowded as the cannabis marketplace is, the duo saw an empty space waiting for NFTs (translation: non-fungible tokens available to sell and trade). 

“A while back, we started dabbling into NFTs and saw that there wasn’t anything that really represented the cannabis community,” Jimmy Fitzpatrick said. “We started digging a little bit deeper and dabbling into purchasing NFTs. We purchased this one called Z run. You buy a digital race horse, and then you can enter this race horse into races. You pay to enter, if your horse wins the race, you can cash out on some money. One day, we were like, ‘Hey, this is like cannabis if you think about it. You can also breed cannabis plants and then you enter them into cannabis competitions. We could do this with cannabis.’”

At first, the idea was to simply release digital cannabis plants. However, the idea evolved into a community for cannabis connoisseurs. “Now we’ve got 10,000 characters they’re called NFTokers and they’re our avatars and they’ve got nods to famous stoners who have paved the way, Cheech and Chong, Ricky Williams, Jay and Silent Bob, to name a few,” Fitzpatrick added. 

“We airdropped our digital cannabis plants. There’s males; there’s females; there’s dominant and recessive traits; there’s hidden scoring ranges baked within the plants for THC, CBD, TURPs, and yield. You’ll be able to breed these plants to try and create the best strain on the blockchain and enter these into digital cannabis competitions.”

As a prescient business, it didn’t take long for well-established cannabis brands to join the club. “We jumped in full force, took a big dive into this NFT space and wanted to bridge the gap in between real life cannabis and the crypto web 3 world,” Fitzpatrick said. “We’ve started partnering with cannabis brands, such as Dr. Dabber, Vibes Papers, King Palm, Old Pal Heisman. If you hold our NFT, you get exclusive discounts to these in real life cannabis brands.” 

All in all, the founders of the Crypto Cannabis Club were greeted with a warm reception. “Right after we launched, we got a booth at MJ Biz Con, we wanted to get our face out there,” Fitzpatrick said. 

“We thought we were going to be doing a lot of educating to the cannabis community on NFTs, and we were shocked at how many people came up and they were showing us their crypto wallets or owned one of our NFTs. Berner just joined the club the other day. We’ve been talking to him; his profile picture is now one of our NFTs. The floodgates are opening. It’s definitely getting bigger.”

The people behind the Crypto Cannabis Club are far from new to the business. Jimmy Fitzpatrick, for example, started as a trimmer in Colorado. From there, he went on to become a process manager in Florida. As for its CEO, Ryan Hunter, he’s operated at a high level in both tech and cannabis for many years now. “I spent 20 years working for different tech companies, a lot of software and internet companies, and mostly startups,” Hunter said. “Then, about seven years ago, I got into the industry. I started out working with a guy who had invented a new technology for extraction, helped him get that business off the ground, and then I oversaw the build out of a 10 acre cannabis farm in Colorado, a 10 acre cannabis farm in Southern Colorado. I was a general manager for the largest dispensary in the state.”

Hunter is one of the many heavy hitters behind the Crypto Cannabis Club. He also spent four years as Chief Operating Officer for Willie Nelson’s cannabis brand, where he expanded the company and launched its CBD product line. “For most of the past year I’ve been doing some consulting work, working with different brands, again, to help them get established in the new markets,” Hunter added. 

“A lot of the work that I’ve been doing with the Crypto Cannabis Club up to this point has been focusing on forming relationships with other companies in the cannabis industry to provide our members with discounts and benefits. I’m also overseeing the launch of our own cannabis brand, which we’re doing in partnership with Camp Nova, and that’ll be available in California next month.”

Crypto Cannabis Club
Courtesy of Crypto Cannabis Club

Crypto Cannabis Club is a speeding, runaway train that remains on track. Only months ago did the company join forces with Camp Nova. “It went pretty quick,” Hunter explained. “Part of it was, like I said, I’ve had significant experience doing this, but also the team at Camp Novo was just incredible to work with. They made it easy for us and it’s an online direct to consumer platform. It streamlines things.” They’re kicking off the new venture with three strains, including Garanimals, Grapes and Cream, and Garlotti.

Six months ago, the founders of the company didn’t imagine they’d launch their own cannabis brand. Now, the plants are growing in California. These flowers are the first of their kind, too. 

“We’re the first NFT powered cannabis line,” Fitzpatrick shared. “Not only is the artwork from our NFTs going to be on our packaging, but as a holder of our NFT, you get 30 percent off your cannabis when you purchase it. It’s also going to be sold to the general public and we’re going to roll those profits back in to eventually get this discount up to as high as legally possible for our holders. 

“Coming into this, people thought free weed was the end goal for Crypto Cannabis Club as an NFT project, and this is our way of trying to do that for them. A lot of these NFTs, the big thing is, where’s the utility outside of owning this digital asset? “That’s why we started partnering with the cannabis brands to provide exclusive discounts.”

Crypto Cannabis checks a lot of unique boxes in the industry. In addition to educating its members on crypto, Web 3, and NFTs, it’s also a platform for networking, even for artists. There are chapters in Argentina, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France, to name a few, enhancing their ideas and work. The club is growing fast in the present while its leaders plan to go even bigger in the future. 

“We’re working on our V2 roadmap, our Crypto Cannabis Club games, the last thing from the original roadmap that we need to execute on, that’s in development right now,” Fitzpatrick concluded. “We’re planning a 4/20 event right now throughout L.A. A 7/10 event, you can guarantee that we’re going to do events on both of those dates throughout every year. And just expanding, expanding and providing more utility to our holders. We’re also developing land in two separate metaverses, and it’s going to be called Toke City. We want to be the central hub for the cannabis community and the metaverse.”

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