REMINDER! Insane Clown Posse’s “Wicked Vic the Weed” EP Out Now!

Good morning Juggalos across the globe! We here at just wanted to reminded everyone that Insane Clown Posse’s brand new ferocious EP “Wicked Vic the Weed” is now available for your wicked musical pleasure! Fans who just attended Juggalo Weekend 2022 in Arizona were able to purchase “Wicked Vic the Weed” on CD exclusively at Juggalo Weekend. But for those who couldn’t attend, you can support  “Wicked Vic the Weed” digitally through Psychopathic Records here:

We’re sure hard copies will be available again, just not exactly sure on when. Until then. You can bump “Wicked Vic the Weed” loud and proud until the dead wake below! P.S. The Clowns need to make an official music video for “Mutilator”! That shit is mad fire! Brian Kuma killed it on the production for “Mutilator” too!




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