30 Years Ago Today NATAS Released Their Cult-Classic LP “Life After Death”! *Mini-Editorial*

Whoa! Today marks the official 30th anniversary behind the legendary Detroit hip-hop trio Natas independently releasing their cult classic 1992 debut LP “Life After Death”! Sunday, February 16th, 1992 to be exact! An album so menacing, the local Detroit News even blamed Esham, Mastamind, and T-N-T’s (RIP) intense lyrical content embedded within “Life After Death” for the suicide of a 17-year-old Natas fan.

Despite the LP’s controversy, Natas started receiving tons of fan mail appreciating their music, even from Japan, shortly after “Life After Death” dropped.

Source: tksradio.net 25 Minuet 50-second mark

Above all, you cannot deny how influential “Life After Death” became among the wicked underground over the last thirty years, especially in Detroit. There would be no Eminem, Insane Clown Posse, King Gordy, or D-12 without Esham and Natas diving into hell first. Simply put! “Life After Death” is acid-death hip-hop at its finest! Its raw, grimy, pure gutter hip-hop energy just makes you want to bob your head for hours upon hours until your neck snaps in half! We here at Faygoluvers.net salute Esham, Mastamind, and T-N-T for putting their lives on the line to create the wicket shit!

Daniel Jordan reacts to “Life After Death” turning 30:

“Life After Death changed the underground which in turn changed the world. 30 years later I’m still trying to get my songs to sound like that. That Lofi, rugged, (sounds like it was recorded in the depths of hell) production. People are still biting that shit to this day. Esham Smith can rest knowing his contributions to art were well received by the universe. It’s like punk rock and heavy metal but in rap form. The closest you can get to a death metal album for hip-hop.”

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