Revolver Magazine Premieres Kissing Candice’s New Cold-Blooded Single “Hallowed Ground”!

Get ready to mosh ‘n’ roll! Renowned rock/metal magazine Revolver recently premiered Kissing Candice’s new cold-blooded single “Hallowed Ground”! Fans of the heavier side of music can support “Hallowed Ground” through Apple Music here:

From Revolver Magazine:

“For the last several years, Kissing Candice has been honing a breed of nu-metalcore that’s heavy, groovy, and visually terrifying. The New York-based group don high-quality masks that bring to mind the tattered, confrontational look of Slipknot‘s early visages, and their sound combines the aggression of the Iowa maniacs’ early years with the chuggy, down-tuned metalcore stylings of the present. The whole vibe of the band is captured in the video for their new song “Hallowed Ground,” which we’re stoked to be premiering today (January 27th). In it, the band rips through the track in a dark basement while showing off their freaky masks and headbanging like lunatics!”

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