Review: STIIIZY’s Mouthwatering Arsenal of Solventless and Curated Live Resin Offerings

Opening STIIIZY’s small boxes containing one-gram, black, glass dab jars full of sticky concentrates filled us with glee—like opening tiny holiday gifts. Each one emanated familiar pine and tropical scents to different degrees that at times made the hair stand up on our arms. The prism of colors and consistencies provided a Willy Wonka-like experience, as each concentrate seemed to outperform the last.

STIIIZY’s Curated Live Resin captures the true essence of cannabis in extract form. The whole plant is harvested then immediately flash-frozen—which preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids, boosting flavor. This unique process maximizes potency, flavor and consistency. As you can see on the website, there are dozens of Curated Live Resin strains to choose from.

On the other hand, STIIIZY’s Live Rosin Jam is cured for a perfect amount of time under the right temperatures—thus ensuring consistent quality while maintaining the terps. For rosin badder, ice, water and flower are combined and agitated, which loosens the trichomes enough to fall off.

Once separated, the trichomes are immediately frozen and dried. Once that is done, they are sifted and sieved in a cold environment, which continues to preserve the quality and taste. This is the route to go for people who prefer to stay away from BHO processes.

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If you’ve never tried STIIIZY products, you missed the boat long ago, but it’s not too late to jump aboard. STIIIZY was founded in 2017 primarily as a vape company, with a double-chamber vape pen proprietary pod system. But even then, the company knew it needed to preserve the delicate terpene profiles of each stain. That’s why the team always set out to be wary of hype. STIIIZY knows that good concentrate is reliant on good flower, so the team is selective about the strains that are chosen for the process. 

STIIIZY products, usually offered curbside, provide the quality you’re looking for. Keep an eye out for them in the concentrate sections of dispensaries or High Times stores. STIIIZY has branched out from its discreet, portable system to include STIIIZY Extracts, STIIIZY Flower, STIIIZY Edibles and retail stores. High Times has reviewed four of STIIIZY new potent drops.

STIIIZY Platinum Blueberry – Solventless Live Rosin Jam

One direct hit on the rig is all it takes to catapult you into a haze with this solventless jam. The famed Blueberry is made from an Afghani find—a single generation removed from Afghanistan–plus two Thai females, Highland Thai (Juicy Fruit) and Purple Thai. These combos resulted in an undeniable Blueberry aroma and corresponding flavor.

The strain took home wins at the 2000 and 2002 High Times Cannabis Cups, from multiple growers. This concentrate sort of resembles thickened apple sauce that’s beginning to separate. The piney-but-sweet blast of aroma is what really piqued my interest, though. STIIIZY Platinum Blueberry – Solventless Live Rosin Jam provided a pine scent that was quickly dominated with blueberry fruity sweetness. It coaxed us into a relaxed state and made us long for a hot fireplace.

STIIIZY Grape Pie – Live Solventless Rosin Badder

Ready for round two. This one felt sort of like softened beeswax, with a deceptively light pine aroma that beguiles the dabber into letting down his or her guards and taking a few too many dabs. Grape Pie (Grape Stomper x Cherry Pie) STIIIZY Grape Pie – Live Solventless Rosin Badder is a heavy indica-dominant hitter.

Don’t plan on getting any studying or cramming done under its spell. It tasted like pine in the first few seconds, but quickly tasted like grape on the exhale. Its long-lasting high put us in a relaxed state, but we didn’t immediately doze off. Be sure to plan out your activities, including the times when you need to stay lucid, because Grape Pie will not fade away very easily, even with coffee. It’s a persistent high that stretches about four to five hours is worth noting, which could get in the way of busy bees and workaholics. Just a little dab will do.

STIIIZY Grape Gelato – Curated Live Resin Diamonds 

By now, the torch was getting hot, and we started to force ourselves to be cognizant of where our fingers were. Approach this concentrate with caution—as it will surely warp your tolerance level and is not for the faint of heart. These beyond-potent wet diamonds are drizzled in a terp-drenched sauce that seems to pack more flavor than is possible.

STIIZY Grape Gelato – Curated Live Resin Diamonds is a feast for your taste palate. It has everything: earthy tones, sweet, berry taste and a kick of sweet diesel to boot. This is the pick out of the four for the people seeking out exquisite taste and who value that quality above other traits. Sauce lovers should take note of this offering.

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STIIIZY Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin 

This live resin had slightly fewer aromatic terps than some of the other finds, but no matter—it hit hard regardless. STIIIZY Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin is a gift to all those who are creative and seeking to amplify those abilities. It nearly sent us into a coma before we awoke in a wonderland of creativity.

It propelled us to sketch, jot down ideas, and play music before we lost grasp of priceless ideas. If you like strains that really turn on the creativity button, look no further, traveler. Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin maintains solid reviews online based on its potency. Don’t forget to include Banana Mac on your wish list.

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