Playboy The Beast “Capitol Riot/Passing the Murder Musick Torch” Interview

For over a decade, the controversial hip-hop of Playboy the Beast reached thousands upon thousands of underground supporters worldwide. But, in recent times, die-hard fans of Playboy The Beast have become divided among themselves upon the chopper flow emcee diving into Pro-Conservative MAGA subject matter. And now, Playboy The Beast has decided to step down from his own  Murder Musick label, amidst battling a court case, due to his January 6th, 2021 “Capito Riot” appearance. Here is Playboy The Beast explaining the future of Murder Musick, what occurred during the “Capitol Riot” through his very own eyes, and more! 

*Disclaimer: These are the views of the artist being interviewed, not, as our views are vast and diverse within the Juggalo Culture and beyond. We believe in the freedom of speech for all.*

Playboy The Beast: First of all, I’d just like to say thank you to Faygoluvers for giving me this opportunity to speak. I understand, some people just don’t like me, and no matter what I say or do it isn’t going to change their opinions of me. That’s fine. I am not doing this for them. This is for all of the Juggalo homies, Underground fans, and people that have supported me for a long time. This is also for the people who may just be hearing about me and have yet to form any type of opinion. And, this is for the ol’ school homies who keep an open mind and base their opinions upon the actual FACTS. That is what I am here to provide you with. A lot of people have reached out to me for comments/interviews, but this is the only site that I was willing to sit down with. And, I actually had my people reach out to you. So, just wanna say thank you for accepting. 


Chad Thomas Carsten: You’re welcome! Define hip-hop in your own words.

PTB: To me, true hip-hop is all about creative expression. Oftentimes controversial, but always real/authentic. Hip-hop is a representation of the times and the culture. This is why there are so many genres, and subgenres that fall under the rap/hip hop umbrella. But hip-hop came from the streets first and foremost, hip-hop has always been a voice of the people. 

CTC: Can we dive into how your childhood was and your early teenage years may have influenced your music to be dark?

PTB: I was born to a teen mother, my dad was in prison for the early years of my life. So, spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s and with my Aunts. Started having problems in school around 2nd grade, that’s when things started getting bad. Anger issues. Authority problems. Which just continued to escalate. Caught my first charges at age twelve for assaulting a principal, and then weeks later chasing some kids at the carnival with a dagger, that I stole from my dad’s room. That’s when the long road of crime, gangs, drugs, and incarceration really began for me. Many times in places I was locked up, we would be forced or encouraged to attend church services, etc. But, for some reason, I was always attracted and infatuated with “the dark side”.

And as I lived a life of crime, often I would pray to God to help me, but he never seemed to answer. Was likely because I just wasn’t ready to truly accept him. Or, maybe he had bigger plans for me and I needed to go through these things to make me better equipped to serve him in the future. I was also a huge fan of groups like Bone Thugs, Insane Clown Posse, which definitely influenced my style, sound, etc. Anything aggressive, hardcore, violent for whatever reason is the kind of music I was down to. Was always a big fan of horror movies, so I’m sure all that kind of stuff influenced the music imagery. Plus, just being an overall legitimately angry and hateful person for most of my life. 

CTC: You never were afraid to bring up your criminal past around fans or other recording artists. What specific gang-related matter of life and death incident made you realize you had to step away from that violent lifestyle?

PTB: So, after I had kids, things just started to change. I wasn’t just saved overnight and a perfect angel by any means. I’m still not. But, the love that kids inspire I had never felt before and I just knew that I had to be there for them at any, and all costs. So, that’s where the change began for me. My family and I were staying in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and were staying on the North Side. Every night, gunshots, parties/drug deals in the middle of the street, not to mention the area we were staying in was mostly a GD/Crip neighborhood, and I was a lifelong Vice Lord. So, it was just a matter of time until some shit went down. I didn’t wanna live like that. And, I am sure as hell didn’t want my kids growing up around that type of environment. One day, we decided to pack up and head to Colorado, and that’s when I really started to get my shit together and achieved a lot of success with my career. Still, was involved in some street activities, was getting into lots of fights still, kicked out of venues, etc. But we were in a good place, and I was able to start making some positive changes in my life. 

CTC: You mention still being an Insane Clown Posse fan. Even Jumpsteady used to mention being a fan of your music. But do you ever regret dissing Violent J? Precisely, why did you diss J?

PTB: Yeah, I was one of the biggest Juggalos EVER man. And, I have mixed emotions about the Violent J diss. I always had a big Juggalo following, PSY showed me a lot of love, I have tons of respect for Jumpsteady, Shaggy 2 Dope, and even Violent J. And after that diss, many misunderstood my intent, so it burnt bridges, and split those fans and created a lot of drama between what I called “Murder Gang Juggalos” that understood why I did it and, the other Juggalos that just hated me for it. *Laughs* The reason I chose to diss him, was because I was peeping a lot of weird shit from a guy that I really respected and looked up to. Honestly, I idolized him. But I felt he was very likely on drugs and I felt he had been fucking up for a long time. That’s why I called the song “Intervention”. But, what finally made me say “ok fuck it I’m dissing this guy”, I felt at the time, had to do with Blahzay Roze. So, me and her were friends. I found out that she was actually a PTB fan/supporter, she had a Murder Musick beanie, had one of my older albums. And, she was just really cool. So, I had a lot of respect for her, but that was as far as it went. This was all around the same time her and J first split up.

So, I had already been invited to the gathering a few times, and there was some communication between me and PSY, regarding booking me and Murder Musick for the Gathering. But then, one day I got some DM’s on Twitter and IG from ICP’s official accounts. Basically saying “hey brother, how can we get ahold of you, I’ve gotta few questions for you and some things we’d like to talk to you about”. These were sent at like 2-3 AM. Around the same time, Blahzay messaged me on IG saying “hey, me and you are just friends right?” and something along those lines. I never did hear back from ICP’s accounts. We reached out to Jumpsteady, he had no idea what it was about. At first, I was super excited/hype thinking yo, “I’m bout to get signed or, we’re at least gonna get some work in!” Then after the Blahzay message, etc I kinda put two and two together and, assumed, that it was just J messaging me, to ask about my friendship with Blahzay, as they got back together right around that time. So, it just left a bad taste in my mouth and, I felt kinda disrespected. I felt like a guy I idolized was really just hitting me up to sweat me over a chick I was simply friends with. So, I went at him. This was not the behavior of the Violent J that I grew up on and loved ya know? 

 CTC: Your last full-length solo LP “Self-Made Self Pad” dropped nearly 5 years ago. Looking back. How satisfied are you with the final outcome of “Self Made Self Paid”?

PTB: I’m still pretty happy with that album, honestly. It was a great reflection of me, what I was into and doing at that point in time. Sales-wise, it hit the top albums charts, which was a first for me, sold a couple thousand physical copies, so it did very well for an independent/underground artist. That album definitely gave my career a good boost. 

CTC: What’s the story behind your latest collabo effort Morbid Clique vs. Playboy The Beast being created? 

PTB: Honestly, as most people know, paid collabs are one of my main sources of income to fund my own career moves and to make investments. Those guys are dope so I gave them a really good deal/discount on my regular rates. And then they came up with the whole concept, artwork, and all that. Overall turned out pretty damn good.

CTC: A few years into Donald Trump’s presidency, your music shifted towards MAGA hat and far right-wing territory. This content change was polarizing to many of your day-one fans. With your fan-base and Murder Musick roster becoming divided among themselves when it came to the choice of still supporting Murder Musick or leaving the label behind for good. How does this political music shift choice of yours, that lead to your fans becoming divided, make you feel in general?

PTB: Yeah so honestly, it started off with me simply supporting Trump publicly. Made a few references in my music here and there but that was the extent of it. I chose to support Trump because I saw where our country was headed early on and, I didn’t like it. Trump exposed many of those things to people like me, who previously never even cared about politics. I saw the way that the media attacked him. And to be one-hundred percent honest, early on (being Hispanic myself), I disliked him because, like millions of others, I thought this guy was racist and hated Mexicans. That’s what the news says, so it had to be true right? But, eventually, I decided to do some nonbiased independent research, and I found out that I was actually being lied to. And, I’ve been a supporter ever since. Any time I spoke on it or would try to educate people, I would have several people that started hating on me for it right off that bat. The way I am, that kind of thing only makes me fuck with somebody/something even harder.

So over the years that love and support just grew. And, I slowly but surely started to educate myself on politics, on policy, how the whole shit works. Now it’s become something I am very passionate about, that is very important to me. As our freedom, and all of our futures, literally depend upon it. But yeah honestly, I have no regrets at all. It is unfortunate this kind of thing creates so much hate and division, but I know that my heart is in the right place with all of this. And, that’s why I’m so passionate about it. I have four kids, and I want them to have a bright future. I believe in freedom of speech, I believe in minimal government and maximum freedom, I’m all for gun rights, even tho I’m a felon and can’t own one myself, I believe in glorifying the entrepreneur, I am for anti-racism but at the same time, anti-racial guilt. I believe in strict border control. I believe in voter ID for more secure elections. I believe in women’s rights, and don’t think any man should be competing against women in sports, etc. I am not a bigot, I am fully supportive of gay rights, I’m just not a leftist because these people are so extreme, it has literally forced me to the other side to where now I identify as a conservative, and a “patriot”. These people on the other side do not love this country, they do not have our best interests at heart. I mean just look at what the Biden administration is doing, you can’t really tell me anybody is ok with this and where things are headed?  

CTC: Despite all the controversy surrounding Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt. You two still made the collabo track “Drown Me Out”. What was that recording experience like in general? 

PTB: So, shortly after I dropped “Stand Back and Stand By” it started to blow up, Chris actually reached out to me via email. Turns out, he was also a Proud Boy and we shared a lot of the same views. When I was competing in MMA, I actually used to work out to his song “Stand Up”. So, I was really happy to hear from him, and then he mentioned the possibility of working together. As many people know we were both banned from Facebook, Instagram, etc over our political beliefs. So, there was a song I had already been working on that I sent him with an opening on the hook. A couple of weeks later he sent me the hook that he laid down and he absolutely killed it, man. Great guy, very humble, and down-to-earth. We still stay in contact and talk from time to time, and I have a lot of respect for him. That guy is a platinum-selling recording artist and had a lot to lose.

CTC: Newsweek,, Fox News, and various other huge media outlets have reported on the FBI tracking you down and being charged for your “Capitol Riot” January 6th, 2021 appearance.  Why did you choose to appear at the “Capitol Riot” on January 6th, 2021 in the first place? 

PTB: So, prior to January 6th, a rival group known as “Antifa” who claim to be anti-fascist, but are actually racist, AND fascist’s and pro-Communists.., had doxxed me on Twitter. They played a part in getting my pages disabled. And were basically threatening me/claiming to have put a hit out on me. The previous rally in December, Proud Boys were in D.C. defending innocent Trump supporters and throwing down with these guys in the streets all night. So, I was honestly anticipating something like that. Plus, I’d been to Trump rallies previously with my kids, and there was always so much love in the air, it was just a great time. I honestly never expected our anticipated that things would go the way that they did. And honestly, for weeks after, I was in denial. Because from where I was at, I didn’t see any violence like that. Things did get a bit rowdy, and I actually broke up a couple of fights and helped de-escalate some potentially violent situations. But, it wasn’t until weeks later when all of the footage was released that I realized the extent of it and that there were people actually assaulting police. I don’t condone any of that at all.

CTC: Can you describe the rush of emotions that flooded your mind and body during the January 6th, 2021 Caption Riot?

PTB: Honestly at that time, when I really thought the whole thing was completely peaceful, I felt very proud of my fellow Americans. Marching through downtown DC, I saw people of all races, I saw kids, I saw gay people, I saw trans, crossdressers, all in the streets together, just showing love for one another, as proud Americans. Seeing hundreds of thousands of people come together like that, 99.98% of them being completely peaceful, it was amazing. Not to mention just seeing DC for the first time and all of these beautiful, historical buildings, it was a cool experience and I’d be lying if I said otherwise. 

CTC: Are you able to discuss what type of charges the FBI brought against you? Or discuss any further details regarding your Capitol Riot court case?

PTB: So I can’t discuss the details. But, I have basically been charged with four different misdemeanor counts of trespassing in the capitol/government building, and “disorderly conduct”. I personally find it very disturbing that so many people are celebrating, and rooting for me to be locked up for long periods of time, basically wishing for my kids to grow up without a father, without even knowing the facts of my case. Simply because they don’t like me, ya know? That takes a truly miserable, disturbed, and hateful person. These news articles make it seem like I was a part of some “insurrection” and I have seen that some people are literally out here spreading rumors as if I was there assaulting officers, trying to overthrow the government, etc That is ridiculous, man. These same people were hating on me for simply supporting Trump and calling me a boot licker because I said I back the blue. There is no denying I was present in D.C., but I was beyond peaceful. I chased off two guys from attacking a reporter, we helped de-escalate heated situations between some supporters and police. And, I was seen shaking hands, and high-fiving police. They were simply doing their job man, and I was there to support that. 

CTC: Knowing that Donald Trump was recorded being mad/upset that his supporters at the Capitol Riot looked low class/poor? Are you still down with the MAGA movement?

PTB: Well, I’m a conservative first and foremost. And, I will always have love/respect for what Trump exposed and all the people whose eyes he opened. Trump has every right to be disappointed with those who legit attacked officers and forced their way into the building. That made us all look bad. I won’t throw anybody under the bus, but I’m not real happy about that myself. I likely wouldn’t be in this position, nor would hundreds of other peaceful Trump supporters, had it not been for those who chose to be violent that day. I still fully believe that Trump actually loves this country tho and if he were still in office we wouldn’t be on the verge of a collapsed society. 

CTC: Do you regret having Proud Boys tattooed on your forehead despite knowing they attacked police officers, but still claim they back the blue one hundred percent? 

PTB: To be honest, I don’t know where you heard that. But to my knowledge, there haven’t been any real Proud Boys who have been charged with assaulting police in DC. But I guess it is a possibility, no matter what you do there’s always gonna be a few “bad apples” that give a group of good guys a bad name. But the only violence I know of from my fellow Proud Boys were a matter of self-defense in the battle against Antifa and Black Lives Matter. And when I say Black Lives Matter, I am referring to the leftist BLM organization that belongs to the Democratic Party to raise money for leftist politicians and does nothing to help the black community. As well as the racist BLM movement that hates white people for merely existing. I fully support the statement that “Black Lives Matter”. But yeah, if anything like that did happen, it was definitely not on the behalf of Proud Boys as a whole. There are thousands of us worldwide now, eventually, a few assholes are gonna get through vetting and do dumb shit that reflects upon the club. Not all of our brothers are with the whole “back the blue” movement, but personally, I would say that I am for the most part. I joined Proud Boys, (as a previous, lifelong Vice Lord) because the guys that I know, are great people. Hardworking, completely against racism, many ex-military, just great guys, who love their families, and their country.

Not looking for any problems. Just carve men, who stand for what they believe is right. These guys literally inspire me to be a better person. How do you feel about the Antifa and BLM supporters that burned down a police precinct, and assaulted HUNDREDS of officers, and innocent people in the streets all while claiming to be victims? Or, how do you feel about the hundreds of black-on-black homicides/shootings that take place in Chicago every year, where oftentimes, innocent children are caught in the crossfire?


CTC: Any regret in regards to artists like Stevie Stone and Twisted Insane who may permanently distance themselves from your music because of you being associated with Proud Boys?

PTB: Just me supporting Trump in general already burnt most of those bridges. People are really weird and emotional about this shit. Proud Boys, just like Trump, unfortunately, have been slandered by the fake news as being some type of white supremacist “hate group”, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth and many people are starting to get educated as to who the Proud Boys really are. With this interview I am going to include a flyer with our main “tenets”, meaning the main values, and beliefs that we share as Proud Boys. As you can see, one of the main tenets being “Anti Racism”. Look at me, I’m Hispanic. Former chairman Enrique, Afro Cuban. I have met Proud Boys that come from all different races, regions, nationalities, and backgrounds. They all love their country and hate racists. Honestly some of the best guys I have ever met. So, if me associating with these solid brothers means that some uneducated artists choose to distance themselves that’s fine. I knew what I was getting myself into when I started going down this path. 

CTC: Many reports have found that the only voter fraud that occurred during the November 2020 elections were voters registered as Republicans. Delaware County, Pennsylvania even had a Man forging his dead Mother’s name to vote twice for Trump. Do you still believe the election results were fully rigged in Biden’s favor? 

PTB: I honestly stopped following the cases of voter fraud etc. I have seen enough early on to make me believe it was stolen. The way the whole thing went down where we were waiting days for votes to be counted. And, I know people disliked Trump, but you will never get me to believe that many people really voted for that piece of shit, Biden. Not to mention, do you see the state that our country is now in? Forced vaccine mandates, inflation, the border crisis, and you guys who hated on me for supporting Trump are ok with this? This is what y’all allegedly voted for? I still find that very hard to believe. But, I guess we should just trust our amazing government right because they’d never do anything like that.., right? *Frowns*

CTC: Do you think your music will ever shift back into more gangster rap territory again?

PTB: Gangster rap, no. I hope not. I can only do what is real to me at the time. If I’m not in the streets, living that life, I’m not going to be rapping about it. But will the music always be political from here on out? Definitely not. This is just what I’m living right now. After getting banned/de-platformed for my beliefs and affiliations, that lit a fire under me. I have a bigger purpose now. And, I can’t just sit back and be complacent while I see corruption and bs taking place all around me. People can hate on me all they’d like but at the end of the day, I know my heart is in the right place and I am doing this for all the right reasons. A lot of people feel just like me, they just don’t possess enough “I don’t give a fuck!” to actually stand up and speak on it, like I do. *Laughs*

CTC: What’s the future of Murder Musick looking like to you?  Are you really stepping down from your own label/movement?

PTB: Yes, I have resigned and Lex Lethal is now calling the shots and will hopefully bring on more talented artists and keep the movement alive. I chose to step down for many reasons. Honestly, the main reason being, is that just doesn’t represent who I am as an artist anymore. And of course, so that my politics, and the publicity that I’ve been receiving, doesn’t negatively affect these artists and their careers. Plus, I’m not even on social media anymore (I was banned everywhere). So, I can’t effectively promote other artists in the way that I used to. So, I am starting a new movement/organization with my brother Kill Dozer called “Street Soldiers Ent” that will better represent where I’m at now and intend to be in the future. This is a movement that won’t pigeonhole me into just politics or proud boys-related music. But something that will represent a broad, versatile style of music and artists, and our goals as artists. 

*Lex Lethal of Murder Musick*


CTC: What do you hope to accomplish as an emcee in the next decade?

PTB: Honestly, I just wanna help people, make a difference, and do positive, man. For so many years of my life, I did wrong. I hurt people, I caused harm. I helped to Destroy my community and those around me. Now I want to make amends for that and just do better. That’s where I’m at now. I’m working on getting involved with a local volunteer program. I’m trying to work with troubled/at-risk youth. And that’s what this is all about for me. I just wanna educate people. I want to make music with a message, that can help inspire people. And, continue to stand up for what I believe is right no matter the consequences. 

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