Lyte Announces ‘Metamorphosis’ Album For 2022

Written By Mankini:

Happy New Year fam! It looks we’re kicking it off with a BANG! Lyte just announced over on his FB that he has completed, and will be releasing ‘Metamorphosis’ sometime this year! It’s been a while since we had heard from Lyte, and what he may be up to. But, from his post, he was simply working on bettering himself and his family, and there’s no fault in that in any way!

Here’s the post from Lyte

As most of you know
Or you have been wondering…
I took a break away from the
Music game an Social media, to take care of my responsibility as father/Man to better my Situation in life with no distractions. Had to cut the bad fruit from tree ya dig!
I apologize to my fans & fam for the Absence with out any expectations. But just understand it was definitely needed where I was at, at that point in my life …
Now I am doing
Absolutely the best I have ever done EVER!!
Im happy, in love ,healthy ,an Financially stable , and most of all focused And been grinding my ass off behind the scenes the last couple years.
Stacking up content an new Material to drop on y’all 2022 an beyond.
First, I’d like say thank you for everyone being patient and still ridin with your Boy. I just want s/o everyone that was apart of the making of this album, I str8 up went through hell an back to Deliver this masterpiece.
From whole Monstar family to
Jimmy and str8jaket at @hypnoticsoundstudios
The true mvps to @lennonsmileybeats and spending months make these tracks from scratch the list goes on an on but I’m keep short an sweet
An 2nd I probably can’t remember everyone but just know your appreciated.
The Monstar is Back!!
Here is the track list to my 1st full length album

The album, produced by Str8jaket at Hypnotic Sound Studios has a ton of dope features as well! Such as, Lennon Smiley, Layzie Bone, Stevie Stone, Ant G, Damion McKenzie, Str8jaket, Skitzo, Jessie G, P.R.E.A.C.H., Twisted Insane, Bukshot, Nitty (of PJB), Big Hoodoo, ABK, DJ Clay, Bam Beda, Kung Fu Vampire, and Madam Macabre!

We’re extremely excited for the Monstar, and all that he’s got coming. Be on the lookout for ‘Metamorphosis’ real soon! RUSSSHHH!


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