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Back in 2012 I submitted a review of the newly released ICP album “The Mighty Death Pop” and secured my spot on the Faygoluvers review team.  As an old school Juggalo I could not have been more excited and blessed to be welcomed into the ranks by Scottie D.  The years following that reviews were posted on a very regular basis and we could not keep up with submissions.  Some people loved the review I gave and some hated it but one thing remained consistent, my desire to give honest and productive feedback to every review.  10 years later I find myself back where it all began, reviewing a Jokers card and hopefully opening the door for year of reviews!  This album represents the 5th installment of the second deck and represents our first female Jokers Card.  Will this album live up to the hype or will it wither under the heat of the Underground?

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Here Comes The Carnival
  3. Wretched
  4. Clown Drippin’
  5. Gangsta Code
  6. Queens
  7. Panic Attack
  8. Fuck Regret
  9. Insomnia
  10. Heart & Soul (Feat. Vinnie Dombroski)
  11. The Drunk & The Addict
  12. Don’t Touch That Flower
  13. Slapnut/The Jokstas[a]
  14. Bitch I’m Fine
  15. Carnival Of Lights
  16. Ain’t No Time (Feat. Roadside Ghost)
  17. Something To See

Track list and ratings

  1. Intro– The intro for the first “female” Joker Card is very simplistic. It has a simple but deep bass beat.  While simple it sets a dark tone to start the album.  3/5
  2. Here Comes The Carnival– The first full track and the tone shifts to a more happy anthem about the dark carnival coming to town.  Shaggy gives a solid verses and shows his skills have not fallen off as he has aged.  Violent J also adds solid verses to this opening track.  The music backing is very well produced and the composition is well scripted.  The hook is simple but would work well in concert format.  4/5
  3. Wretched– This song was released in Oct 2021 and made headlines across the internet including on Rolling Stones website. This track is very dark as the name suggests.  The beat is overly busy and the hook is beyond simple.  The verses are well performed although are very simple in their construction.  This track brings back the darker theme that began in the intro.  Between this track and the first one the album seems to be an organized chaos.  4/5
  4. Clown Drippin’– As the rap world has evolved to hard hitting beats and limited lyrical content we have seen ICP dabble with the “new” sound, this is another toe dipped into the pool that is new rap and hip hop. While it is not a bad track overall it shows the clowns age.  Lyrically it tries too hard to fit in that box.  I would have loved to see them create a “new” wicked sound that fit the culture a little more here.  3/5
  5. Gangsta Code– This track completely reverses the flow of the album, as in it slows it way down. It has a beat containing country style guitars while discussing street code.  It is a weird hybrid of lyrics and sound.  The hook is much better than the verses in that it is a more complete sound and flow with the beat.  I don’t hate it but I am not sure I would avoid skipping it if it came on my playlist.  5/5
  6. Queens– Violent J posted to social media requesting Juggalettes to submit to be in the video that is upcoming for this track.  It will be interesting to see how that comes together.  The beat comes in driving and hard here.  This track dives back into the dark end of the pool.  The verses are very well written and performed here.  The hook is where this track goes off the rails.  It sounds like something you hear at a kids event and brings the rating for this track down.  5/5
  7. Panic Attack– A very simple stripped down and dark beat leads the way here and gives way to a very metal/rock sound in the hook.  The verses discuss something many of us feel in having to deal with everyday life.  This is the best track on the album up to this point.  5/5
  8. Fuck Regret– There have been several “Shaggy” produced beats in the album so far and this one has a nice back beat but the electric bell sounds is way too loud.  The verses are once again solid with a decent hook.  Another “good” track but not one I would look to find on most days.  3/5
  9. Insomnia– Another Shaggy beat, let me say at this point it is nice to know who’s beat it is but the “tag” at the beginning is kinda played out.  The beat itself is very solid.  Violent J has a delivery in this which seems forced.  Not sure if it was intended to be that way but the old school Juggalo in me wants Jeckel Era J.  This entire track seems like it needs better production and does not do the beat any justice at all.  2/5
  10. Heart & Soul (Feat. Vinnie Dombroski)– For those who may not know Vinnie Dombroski is the front man the rock band Sponge. As this track starts it hits with a very hard 80’s electronic vibe that we heard in the original song. The beat is simple but bumps.  The verses are tuned way down and Vinnie adds the rock flavor but it is not necessarily complimentary here.  A decent hybrid track, just not my flavor.  2/5
  11. The Drunk & The Addict– Another electronic heavy beat leads the way here. The verses are much better by J and the flow of the track is solid. The hook is a little simple but a nice counter to the heavy verses.  Lyrically this is one of the better tracks on the album.  4/5
  12. Don’t Touch That Flower– We finally get to a track that references the title of the album, only took 11 tracks to get here. This would have been a great second track on the album as it tells us more of the story behind Yum Yum.  The beat is simple and the verses flow well with it.  Overall one of the best tracks.  4/5
  13. Slapnut– A rock heavy but pounding beat is put forth here. The darker tone returns and gives way to solid verses and one of the better hooks on the album.  The sound here feels more appropriate for a joker card.  It harkens back to track 17 on The Wraith and that is a nice throw back. 5/5
  14. Bitch I’m Fine– Dark, heavy and thumping beats hit the listener out of the gate on this one. The verse by J starts hella simple but eventually gives way to the style we are used to.  The hook becomes very busy and that is distracting and unnecessary here.  Shaggy adds his salt to the track in a slow deliberate fashion.  Not a bad track.  5/5
  15. Carnival Of Lights– Another upbeat carnival track and the beat is a nice change of pace. Violent J shows good lyrical ability and gives a solid verse over this beat.  Shaggy also comes with heat here.  The hook is simple but works very well here.  It is a really good time for this track.  4/5
  16. Ain’t No Time (Feat. Roadside Ghost)– Roadside Ghost is a rock band that hails from Corona, CA. On their Facebook they posted the following about this track “Our collaboration with ICP on the single “Ain’t no time” on their newest album that just dropped the other day “Yum Yum Bedlam.” This is a song for anyone who understands the bitter feelings associated with betrayal and expresses something that I think can be true for just about anyone.”  The beat is very slow and simple but works very good with the sound of the verses. Not a bad track but I am not entirely sure it belongs on this album. 5/5
  17. Something To See– For those expecting a hype concert track or setup for the next card to close this album you will be disappointed. This track sounds like it was rushed through production and thrown on the end of this album as a filler to hit 17 tracks.  The verses are mediocre and the hook is not very catchy.  A poor ending to this album.  2/5


Total Runtime- 74 Min

Overall Rating: 3.3/5

Conclusion:  As an old school Juggalo I have always given ICP the benefit of the doubt when it comes to album releases.  They paved the way for so many artists within the underground and have been a mainstay for decades, which is hard to do for even mainstream artists.  Yum Yum Bedlum is the 5th entry into the second deck of Jokers cards and the first “female” card.  Much like every card released in the second deck it lacks the mythology and spirit of the first 6 Jokers cards.  The intro gives no back story or purpose to the card and many of the tracks seem to be thrown together with little to no flow.  I know this may not be the popular opinion but when I agreed to review albums I vowed to be 100% honest and let the chips fall where they may.  As an album it is average at best and has too many skippable tracks to be a steady force in the ICP playlist.  While some tracks hit hard and give the dark carnival vibe and feel the album as a whole falls way short of my expectations.


Yum Yum Bedlam : PR00 : Psychopathic Records (merchnow.com) $17

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