Violent J Reveals Details about ICP’s Worldwide Farewell Tour!

The big homie Violent J went on a recent live stream with DJ Clay on his Twitch.TV channel and started dropping knowledge about the upcoming ICP Farewell Tour!

There are no specific tour dates mentioned, but it gives us a glimpse of what we have to look forward to!

Now I don’t know shit about Twitch, but it looks like videos might be deleted as soon as they are broadcast.  Someone was fresh enough to upload this portion of the stream so you can see what J said:

J was bouncing all over the place, so I’ll try to cover what he said but in no particular order:


  • Juggalo Weekend (Location not announced yet)
  • Europe (during festival season)
  • Canada
  • Gathering 2022: Gathering of Dreams
  • Australia (4 markets in the Fall)
  • Final 2 Ultra Live Monster 5 shows
  • All other annual events


  • Criss-crossing the United States multiple times (including Major, B and C markets)
  • All Annual Events

I may have missed some, but that’s a general layout of how the next two years will go!  I’m excited to see what the Wicked Clowns have in store for all of us!

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