The Kaleidoscope Kid – The Kaleidoscope Kid (Music Video)

From Suburban Noize Records:

“The Kaleidoscope Kid says, “The self-titled track follows Kaleidoscope as he stumbles into a ghost town. The track opens with a howling verse that immediately grips you, and continues to unfold into a world of its own. The sound of a drunken piano rolls through the song and sets the perfect tone for Kaleidoscope’s journey through his past.”

The blues-style electric guitar blended with hip-hop percussion takes listeners on a psychedelic trip, reminiscent of The Kaleidoscope Kid’s own journey that traversed living in a cabin in the woods away from civilization for years to battling an autoimmune disease that almost cost him his life.

Diagnosed with Reiter’s syndrome, a disease that ravages the entire body with crippling arthritis, inflammation, and swelling of the joints that left him unable to leave a hospital bed for months. As an escape from the pain, Kaleidoscope Kid taught himself how to play guitar and started writing songs.

After countless misdiagnoses left doctors dumbfounded, Kaleidoscope Kid turned to Eastern medicine experimenting with reishi mushrooms and various organic berries to battle the disease. His holistic approach worked and during the time in the woods he also experimented with Hallucinogenic mushrooms sometimes tripping for weeks at a time. He then dedicated his life to music, living inside the Phoenix-based recording studio where he would record his first demos that eventually got him signed to indie powerhouse label Suburban Noize Records.”

from Faygoluvers


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