Overdoze – “Patience” [Mixtape]

Steven Van Winkle” aka “OverDoze” (born jul 6th 1991 in Greeley, Co) also known professionally as “OverDoze” is an American rapper, songwriter, actor and record producer from Denver, Co as well as Greeley Co Also Known For Making Artists Locally In Greeley Colorado and Denver Co He is perhaps best known for his Diverse style of rapping and is able to do multiple styles, and Teach Otherrs How To Rap from RnB to Horrorcore to Gangster to Real Life! Yung Q and OverDoze Creator of Artists and Signed all Under OverDoze n GFC Detoxxx ,oogie boogie,$1oo, Ak,Relapse,Wicked Trixxx,Ryno, and megan rice..and im Partners With B monEy HL ENT.

Track list:

  1. Maison N Margiela (ft. Yung Q)
  2. Big Booty [Remix]
  3. Poppin’ These Pills (ft. Yung Q)
  4. Bad Dreams (ft. Trigger)
  5. Ain’t Shit Changed (ft. famous, Gwalla, Kg)
  6. Out My Mind (ft. Ak, Yung Q)
  7. Juvenile Delinquent (ft. Yung Q)
  8. Yo Chick
  9. Cross Me Wrong (Ft. Trigger, Yung Q)
  10. Whole Thang (ft. Yung Q)
  11. On My Own (ft. B Money N AK)
  12. We Just Drunk (Ft. Trigger, AK)
  13. Grindin’ (ft. Toon)

Check the mixtape out via Soundcloud below!


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