Horrorcrunk Entertainment Launches Debut Roster!

Deep in the trenches of the underground scene, there lies six gutter emcees that have decided to unite to bring forth lyrical blood-soaked hip-hop straight from the morgue to consume stale music! We here at Faygoluvers.net are talking about Horrorcrunk Entertainment launching their debut artist roster with Con-Crete & Bloodshot as ‘Slaughter Theory’,  Ill Nickell, Deranged, Shayne Pop’N Wolf, and Bizirk! It bears similar initials as S.C.E., which was a former label run by KGP and started with Kardiac.

The entire roster of Horrorcrunk Entertainment will drop its debut single “Lords of the Harvest” for their supergroup “The Sawyer Family” in three days! Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 to be exact. 


From Horrorcrunk Entertainment:

Slaughter Theory (Con-Crete & Bloodshot)

“Slaughter Theory (Bloodshot & Con-Crete) Washington State natives & one of the first horrorcore acts to emerge from the Evergreen State. Each combined has over 30 solo releases which have earned them thrones in the horrorcore genre. The creators of the term Horrorcrunk and a unique approach at horrorcore. Slaughter Theory is back.”

Ill Nickell

“Illnickell, aka Dr. Cervix, is an emcee from Albuquerque, NM.  He is a former member of the Slaughtercore Entertainment roster and owner of Ill Format Records. Now Illnickell  joins Horrorcrunk Entertainment to unleash more vivid songs to wake the dead!”

Shayne Pop’N Wolf

“Shayne Pop’N Wolf hails from Downriver Detroit. MI. Co-founder of KYP, member of “NDC”, “PROJECT:SIN” On resides on the H.C.E. label. Began making music in 2004 and has since released three albums in total, one with each group and a solo. The ultimate goal is to bring real world horror, terror, sick, vile shit to your ears without the clichés that you hear from most acts in the scene.”


“Raw talent from New Mexico. Nuff said!”


“Born and raised in the wastelands outside of Gallup, New Mexico. Bizirk has Been in and outta music for over a decade and havs had great responses and cult-like support from everyone who’s encountered his tunes.”



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