Tremblant Cannabis Brings Premium Craft Hash to Ontario

Tremblant Cannabis has officially launched its line of premium hashish across Ontario in partnership with Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). The brand has been building momentum in Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba over the last couple of years, and has achieved close to a 40 percent market share in their product category.

The team is composed of industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience in refining cannabis and hash products. They are a group of AAA craft cultivators and producers, with products infamous for rich terpene flavor, one-of-a-kind color, texture, and best-in-class hash consumer experience. Tremblant Cannabis products have been perfected for over 30 years starting in the legacy market, and now under the Licenced Producer Laurentian Organic.

Tremblant Cannabis
Photo Credit: Claudia Martel

Tremblant Cannabis uses traditional middle eastern methods to produce their products, which are responsible for the dark colour, and shiny appearance, along with the spicy and earthy flavour consumers love. Their most popular products are relatively potent for hash, containing up to 45 percent THC.

Tremblant Cannabis embraces the rich cultural history that hashish holds. That means sticking largely to by-hand techniques in their state of the art facilities. That said, they also understand that technology plays an important role in efficiency and optimization. Maximizing market potential involves genetic testing, the best growing conditions, and continuously improving production methods.

Tremblant Cannabis Dominates the Hash Market

According to Eric Brosseau, Co-Founder and CEO of Tremblant Cannabis, the hash category in the cannabis market has a ton of potential. Brosseau notes that consuming hash is an old-school method of enjoying THC that is now establishing its place in the modern market.

Tremblant Cannabis
Photo Credit: Claudia Martel

“Annual hash sales allude to an underrepresented product format in the concentrations category in Ontario,” says Brosseau. “As a result, there is a great opportunity for both OCS and retailers to participate in the category growth driven by client adoption & product loyalty.” Brosseau also mentions that they are working with some of the most experienced producers in the cannabis industry to constantly improve the products they are delivering to customers. 

For example, Co-Founder, Grower, and VP of Research and Development, Mathieu Lahaie opened his first company in 2013 as part of the legacy market. Since then, he has dedicated the last decade to optimizing hashish production techniques, as well as genetic testing to bring premium cannabis products to the legal market.

Tremblant Cannabis
Photo Credit: Claudia Martel

Although the illicit market still exists across Canada, legalization and an increase in real-world dispensaries is helping the legal market expand. In October 2019 the legal market accounted for just 14 percent of sales. It grew to over 25 percent by September 2020, according to OCS estimates.

The team at Laurentian Organic and Tremblant Cannabis are thrilled to finally offer their craft hashish online and in dispensaries across the province. Their partnership with OCS (the only legal retailer of recreational cannabis in Ontario) will allow them to distribute their craft hash to Canada’s largest market at last.

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