Underground Hip-Hop Veteran Menacide Passed Away RIP

We here at Faygoluvers.net are in complete shock. Today the wicked underground scene is drenched in complete darkness and painful sorrow. Michigan veteran emcee Menacide just passed away at age 44 due to a long battle with health issues related to his heart. Nothing else is known at this time, but a funeral service is being planned in honor of his legacy. Mencaide started out as an emcee in 1993 and became largely known across the underground hip-hop scene in 2001 after releasing his acclaimed EP ‘In My World’. The release of the EP garnered attention from the Associated Press and articles about Menacide started to spring about all over. 

Shortly after, Menacide quickly gained respect from hip-hop heavyweights Proof (D-12) (RIP)Prozak, and King Gordy. Forever cementing Mencaide’s name among the history of Michigan hip-hop and beyond! Menacide’s hip-hop super-groups Michigan Millita (W/ Saint Sinna) and Heavy Hittaz (W/ McNastee) helped breathe new life for the hip-hop genre with their lyrical genius-gutterness.

*McNastee and Mencaide performing together around 2006*

*Menacide kicking it with Saint Sinna (Mission: Infect)*

*Menacide with Prozak*

While Menacide’s smooth signature flow inside his classic LP’s,  “Knuckle Up”, “The Drugz”, “Street Symphony”, “Special Reserve”, and “The Pyrex” proved the Devilz Nite compilation founder was destined to spit lyrical flames among the underground; by wreaking havoc on the mic to snuff out all the wack emcees destroying the hip-hop genre with their utter staleness. Menacide’s final double LP “Reign Supreme” (Book One and Book Two) contained Proof of D-12′s last recorded vocal peformance and showcased Mencaide’s influential hip-hop skills at his absolute best!

In his honor, we will be bumping the entire Mencaide discography on full blast! Menacide, thank you for all the kick-ass music over the last twenty years. We send our deepest sincere condolences to your family and friends. RIP


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