The Rival – “Gone Viral”

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Track list:

  1. The Mutation Process (ft. Miverson)
  2. Flash Bang!
  3. I Vibe Out
  4. Gone Viral
  5. Pigz In A Blanket (ft. Young Wicked, Domination J)
  6. All Set (ft. Domination J)
  7. Locked In a Cell
  8. G’ Til Proven Innocent
  9. Show No Mercy Diss to Turtleboy, King Polo & Jlou Minatti
  10. Swim Wit The Sharks
  11. Anotha Day Anotha Dolla (ft. L-Wood, Domination J)
  12. Save The Princess
  13. Rock This House Party (ft. Vortex, Domination J)
  14. Fools Gold
  15. Our Empire (ft. Domination J)
  16. Black Sheep Matter


from Faygoluvers


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