Nyro The Madman signs with Lyrikal Snuff Productionz!

Our Dallas/Fort Worth homie Nyro The Madman just made a HUGE announcement concerning his career!  He has been signed with one of the biggest labels in the underground: Lyrikal Snuff Productionz aka LSP!  Nyro has been on his grind for the past few years and has really honed his craft!  This killa is the epitome of a hustler and has single-handedly kept the underground scene in Dallas alive by booking tons of shows that may not have been booked otherwise.  He deserves some shine and I’m proud of him for this huge accomplishment!  Check out what SCUM said about it.

From SCUM @ Facebook:

As promised…another big LSP announcement was made last night at the 3rd and final day of Gorefest 2021…it is official and we would like to welcome our road dawg, long time brother, n affiliate of many years, Nyro The Madman to the saw and axe squad! He will be releasing a banging new album as a part of this epic Experimental Drugs series and we will also be carrying his select past releases but even before then, be on the lookout for 2 standalone singles he’s got dropping soon with us that are separate from his next album but are definitely a part of the overall project! Please take your time to hit his pages, welcome him to the team that he’s been working with so closely for years, follow him, check out his music, and show our brother some love! LLLLSSSSSPPPPP!!!!

Make sure to keep a lookout for his new album dropping soon and follow him @NyroTheMadman on Facebook!

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