Lo Key (Mission: Infect) Announces “Masks & Machetes” Card Game!

This is super fresh homies! The masked legend that is Lo Key (Mission: Infect) just announced series 1 behind his new “Masks & Machetes” card game! Series 1 of “Masks & Machetes”  includes 10 collectible cards. Each card has a unique QR code that will bring you to each characters bio. Official rules for the game will be released with Series 3 on October 15th, 2021! Snag Series 1 at this official Shadowland Shop here before it sells out: https://www.shadowlandshop.com/product/masks-machetes-card-series-1
From Lo Key across social media:
“Today we embark on a brand new journey with you all. Introducing “Masks & Machetes” Series 1!
We have been secretly working on this ultra dope card game / drinking game for the past few months, tweaking and dialing it in to create a flawless experience that is super simple, yet super fun.
We will be releasing a limited run of each series (10 cards each) every 2 weeks. Once Series 3 drops on October 15th, we will be posting the rules and instructions – as well as 2 variant gameplay styles – “Magic Tea” and “Straight Edge” (for you non drinkers)!
This is a limited run, so go grab your Series 1 Collectible Cards ASAP and bring on the MASKS AND MACHETES!!!!!!”

from Faygoluvers


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