Big Money Hu$tla$ Discussed on “Spittin’ Tha Reel Sh!t” Podcast! [featuring Scottie D]

Earlier today, one of my homies posted the latest episode of his movie-themed podcast: “Spittin’ Tha Reel Sh!t”!  This is episode #51, and there are a few reasons we’re covering it here on Faygoluvers.  First, it covers the Juggalo classic: Big Money Hu$tla$!  And second, he asked me to be a part of the conversation!

What was supposed to be a conversation about the movie actually turned into two Juggalos choppin’ it up and reminiscing about past events, album releases, and of course: B$H!  The podcast’s cohost actually had very little experience with ICP or Juggalos, so he did his homework by watching the movie and listening to dozens of ICP songs.

We spoke for over 3 hours, but it was brilliantly edited down to just over 1.5 hours!  Charlie put in sound clips of everything we referenced and made me NOT sound like a bumbling idiot. Check out the description of the show below.


This week, on the crest of Fear⁴, Ryland and Charlie take a wide left turn and take a look at a niche “cult” favorite as they sit down with the year 2000 straight to video exploitation parody film BIG MONEY HU$TLAS. Along with member guest and owner of Juggalo fansite, known moreover in circles as Scottie D! They started having a traditional sTRS show, but after nearly 3 hours of talking with Scott and the juggalo world, they just went freestyle! So enjoy the talk and MMFWCL!!
Until then!!
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Now, listen to the full episode by clicking play!

Let us know what you think of the episode, and make sure you check out ALL of the previous episodes here: Spittin’ Tha Reel Sh!t | Podcast on Spotify

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